We Review: Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

My last review of Grand Theft Auto V was for last-gen systems, and since then, it’s received a release on current-gen consoles, and now a belated release on PC. Either way, the game is huge, and on PC it’s crazy huge, physically speaking. The retail version contains a crazy 7 discs, while purchasing the download version on Steam will run you around 60GB. Hope you weren’t thinking of using your regular capped account for it! Incidentally, grabbing the retail version nets you a nifty map that you can frame or hang on your wall or use to wrap a small body in. Since the games are functionally similar, my prior review still stands, so I’ll be highlighting the differences of the PC version of the console version.

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We Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is growing at quite a rate, and the latest Avengers film is the eleventh movie in the series and the sequel (of sorts) to the highly successful, hugely acclaimed 2012 Avengers film. In this new story, the Avengers get to go head to head with maniacal robot Ultron. Earth needs saving. Again.

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We Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush

In 2005, the Nintendo DS saw the release of Kirby: Canvas Curse, a Kirby game that used an unusual mechanic to control the pink puffball: drawing on the touch screen. The game was well received by critics, and this, I imagine, is what prompted Nintendo to release a sequel for the Wii U, and with a new aesthetic: clay. Or “plasticine” as it’s sometimes known as. When my son was younger, he called it “lunch”. Let’s see how well-moulded this game is.

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An Eye on Convenience: The Canon PowerShot SX600 HS

One’s priorities change the older one gets, so they say. I find that with every growing year now (I am in my 30s), convenience is pretty high on the list of priorities. So I’d prefer my computers to be pre-built. I like to file my tax online rather than getting it wrong on paper. I want my purchases to come to me and not the other way around. I’m like that with cameras too. Gone are the days when I’d want my camera to come in pieces and requires a separate backpack to carry it all in. I want something discreet, a shooter that I can easily slip down a pocket just as easily as I can pick it up for those quick snaps.

Like the other camera manufacturers, Canon caters for a variety of tastes and budget. The ranges are incredulous – the PowerShot range alone has 149 digital cameras from five different series!


The PowerShot range is Canon’s answer to convenient photography with cameras that are more portable and fun, and emphasize the ease of use over their bulky and more expensive cousins in the EOS range. With its #CreateWithCanon campaign, Canon South Africa wants to encourage the use of its cameras in the urban creative and photography hobbyist markets. As a part of this campaign, I take a look at the PowerShot SX series (SX stands for “Super Zoom”, FYI), and in particular, the PowerShot SX600 HS.

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We Review: Proun+

Circa 1920, Russian artist El Lissitzky coined the term Proun (proun-ouned as “pro-oon”) to describe his abstract, geometric art style. He personally described it as “the station where one changes from painting to architecture”, which could mean many things, or nothing, but in any event was seen as a branch of the suprematism art movement. It all sounds terribly pretentious, so I bet you’re currently asking “what in the blazes does any of this have to do with video games,” and I’d respond with a witty, “Ah, but that’s what YOU think.” Or maybe I’d actually get around to telling you that all this knowledge forms the basis of today’s review for a racing game called Proun+. Let’s roll.

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We Review: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

I never played any of the prior Saints Row games, so going into this game I wasn’t immediately familiar with any of the characters. This review is going to be taken from the unique perspective of someone unfamiliar with Saints Row. Would a standalone expansion be enough to turn someone into a fan? Would such a person understand the game without the backgrounds? I skew my halo and head for the highway to hell to find out. Continue Reading →

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