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EPIC Time Lapse: A Year in the Life of Planet Earth

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (or DSCOVR) satellite sits 1.5 million kilometres away at what is called Lagrange point 1, a place in space between the gravity of the Earth and the Sun such that the satellite can maintain its stability. Why? For one thing, it enables NASA’s EPIC camera aboard the satellite to capture enough steady shots of the Earth to create this wonderful time lapse video. Watch and listen as EPIC lead scientist Jay Herman takes you though a year in the life of our planet as seen from DISCOVR.

[via Sploid]

We Review: Lost Sea

Being stuck in the Bermuda Triangle ain’t easy. For one, you have to deal with the whole “going missing” thing. And all those ships that have disappeared in there have got to be floating somewhere. Now if you were an explorer, there might be a chance for you. Let’s take a look around the Lost Sea, and see what treasures we can find.

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We Review: Monster Hunter Generations

It’s that time again for the hunting of beasts huge and small, from those of fantastical size to those smaller than a fly. Monster Hunter Generations is the next game in the series, following on from Monster Hunter 4 (which we reviewed here). Since there’s no storyline that runs through the game, there’s no need to worry about missing anything from before, so let’s go hunt something ugly!

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We Review: The Technomancer

The Technomancer is the sequel to a game called Mars: War Logs, which was released back in 2013. The game was set on Mars after humanity had colonized it, and was reasonably received. The sequel is here now, and we got a chance to give it a go and see what life on Mars is like.

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We Review: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

It should say something about the origins of this game that it was originally titled Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem; it’s got a new name now, but Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (pronounced “Sharp FE”) is still a Shin Megami Tensei (or as the fans call it, Megaten) game underneath. I’ve been a huge fan of the Megaten series for years, so I was looking very much forward to getting my hands on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to see what it was about.

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We Review: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Valkyria Chronicles was an absolutely beautiful tactical RPG that released on the PS3 back in 2008. It was lauded for the sketchbook-style artwork of the game, as well as its story and characters. Sega decided to, by way of preparing us for the next home console sequel later this year/early next year, release a PS4 version of the original called Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. For those of you who missed it and wondered whether it’s worth buying, read on.

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We Review: Kirby: Planet Robobot

It’s Kirby time again! The pink puffball in back in a new adventure on the 3DS called Kirby: Planet Robobot, and this time he’s gone mecha. The world, as usual, is in trouble and it’s Kirby’s job to save planet Pop Star from the mad machinations of The Access Ark and its robotic minions. This is the first new Kirby game since last year’s Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush on Nintendo Wii U, so let’s find out what the denizens of Pop Star have for us.

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Film Review: Alice Through The Looking Glass

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland hit the screens back in 2010, and the film was successful and popular enough that the powers that be (i.e. Disney) deemed it worthy of making the sequel. The original film paid mostly lip service to the original Carroll, keeping the characters, mostly, but presenting a whole new plot with an older Alice, and all of it in typical crazy, topsy turvy Burton style. The new film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, pays about as much attention to the original story as the first one did, but this time Burton isn’t at the helm.  Does it affect the film any? Let’s find out.

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We Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Nathan Drake has been kicking around our PlayStations since 2007, blowing our minds away with outstanding visuals and storytelling. Uncharted 4 is the final game in the series, and is aptly sub-titled A Thief’s End. Let’s get our adventure on and hang around a few cliff-faces with Drake as we review this game.

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We Review: MXGP2

MXGP2 is the sequel to 2014’s MXGP, titled the Official Motocross Video Game, and is developed by Milestone Games, the same people behind Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO, which we reviewed earlier this year. Instead of a rally car, you’re put in the reigns of a motocross bike and tasked with getting around a dirt course in the shortest possible time. Get on your bikes and ride!

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