Is ignorance our master?

Dalai Lama

I don’t know about you dear Readers, but I’m not feeling particularly proud of the beloved country this week. I mean we have friends and relatives fleeing the country left right and centre for the “greener” pastures of Europe and the Antipodes, but we decided that we actually like it here, and we’re going to stay. For the past few mornings however, I’ve felt like leaving the house with a paper bag on my nationality.

I know that the Dalai Lama says to be kind whenever possible, but I just cannot be kind in my mind when I think about the fact that nasty neighbour (and mass murdered) Bob Mugabe is permitted to come and go in South Africa as he pleases, while one of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders (a darling peaceful little old man with spectacles, yellow robes, and a Nobel Peace Prize) the Dalai Lama is denied a visa. And it’s all for the love of China (well trade with China really). Yes, China. The same China that is responsible for huge job losses in South Africa, particularly in the textile industry. The same China that annexed Tibet, exiled the Dalai Lama, and built casinos and supermarkets on ancient sacred ground. The same China that continues to violate human rights, and environmental laws on a daily basis. It’s just great. And did you know that there are only two countries in the whole world into which the Dalai Lama is denied entry? Yup you guessed it – China and South Africa.

I won’t lie to you, I’m starting to feel a little afraid about this whole China and South Africa against the rest of the world thing. There’s an old Croatian saying that goes something like “if you lie down with a dragon, you’ll wake up with third degree burns all over your body and face, and your nylon underwear will be welded to your bum forever”. I just hope our respected leaders know what they’re up to. Anyway this rant of mine has gotten a little long, and depressing, so if you want a lighter version of the story, check out this gem on the brilliant

And to read more about the man whose religion is kindness, click here.

Student Paints Giant Penis on Parent’s Roof

Student Rory McInnes secretly made a secret addition to his parent’s 1-million pound house. Inspired after watching a documentary on Google Earth, Rory grabbed a tin of white paint, hopped onto the roof of the family home and spent half an hour drawing a 60-foot willy!

The massive phallus went unnoticed for a year until a helicopter pilot spotted it, and hovered so his passenger could take photos. His parents were only made aware when a UK newspaper contacted them for a comment.

Company director Andy, 54, thought it was a wind-up when The Sun contacted him about the painting.

Andy then spoke to all four of his kids demanding answers.

When he phoned Rory — in Brazil as part of his gap year travels — the lad burst out laughing, saying: “Oh, you’ve found it then!”

Rory’s mum Clare, 49, said: “We don’t want any more children, so the idea of sleeping under a giant fertility symbol is rather worrying.”

Read the full story at The Sun.

Excessive Twittering Causes Celebrity Break-Up

Celebrities are a fickle bunch and I barely pay attention to the myriad of hookups, divorces, make-ups, and re-marriages that seemingly happen on a daily basis. This case is however special, considering micro-blogging service Twitter is being blamed for the break-up of on-and-off couple Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer.

The Telegraph reports that Aniston (40) plugged the plug on their relationship after discovering Mayer (31) spent hours on Twitter, despite telling her he was too busy to get in touch with her.

A source had this to say:

“John suddenly stopped calling her or returning her emails and when she would finally catch up with him, he’d say: ‘I’ve been so busy with work. I’m sorry I haven’t had time to call you back.”

The source added: “Jen was fuming. There he was, telling her he didn’t have time for her and yet his page was filled with Twitter updates.

Mayer made no attempt to cover up his Twitters. That’s harsh player, posting 140-character messages when you could be spending time with arguably the best looking pins in Hollywood. Need I remind you, fool?

Mayer’s not going to get a piece of that ass any time soon, so now he’s sure to clog up with Twitterverse even more. Follow him if you must  – @johncmayer. And read the full article at The Telegraph – via Buzzfeed.

PooTrap for Dogs

I’ve stepped in a lot of dog shit over the years. One time I trod on some in a car park and inadvertently rubbed it into the carpet of my office. It took a while for the smell to get to my nose, but when it did, I nearly passed out. That was human poo though.

In any case, a good walk in the public parks can easily be ruined by an unsightly poo that an irresponsible dog-owner neglected to pick up. This problem can be prevented with this useful excrement collector. Dubbed the PooTrap, the device consists of a harness that connects to a poo bag which is placed over your dog’s butthole. It might be utterly humiliating for your pet, but when she/he feels the need to evacuate, the faeces fall into the bag. How convenient for you.

I think it’s time to speak to my DA councillor about having the PooTrap passed as a law. I smell a good business opportunity here.

Crazy Artwork by Florian Kuhlmann

Florian Kuhlmann makes very detailed, intricate collages from hundreds and thousands pictures that he finds on the Internet. And being the nice guy that he is, he puts the original high-res artwork onto the Web under a Creative Commons 2.0 license so everyone is free to download the images.

Here’s a small gallery of the medium-sized images.

More images can be found at – via Doobybrain.

The 2009 Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards aims to promote the work of photographers worldwide and this year’s professional finalists and amateur winners were announced on Tuesday, 17th March. Out of the 186 shortlisted entrants, 44 photographers from 22 countries received accolades in categories including current affairs, sport, arts & entertainment, fashion, music, landscapes, and architecture.

Wojciech Grzedzinski from Poland scooped first place in the “Professional Photojournalism and Documentary – Current Affairs” section with his photograph of a Catholic priest blessing a soldier, seemingly absolving the man from whatever sins he might commit in the name of war.

See more photos at the Sony World Photography Awards winner galleries.

Kiev, Ukraine: The Homeless And Their Dogs

How sad is this? This lady lives with a handful of homeless people in an abandoned house in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. She and the homeless people share their house with 70+ stray dogs that the lady cares for. Whilst the lady has a small flat of her own, she chooses to live in the building with no electricity or a heating system because there is enough space for all the dogs.

On the weekends she and a few of the homeless people travel to downtown Kiev to collect money to feed themselves and their dogs. She hopes one days that someone wealthy will see the hardships she’s facing and donate enough money for her to get electricity to the house and to buy enough food.

More images at English Russia.

World’s Most Luxurious Prison

Recently Austria’ Josef Fritzel was sentenced to life in a psychiatric hospital for incest, rape, forced imprisonment, and coercion for holding his daughter captive underground for 24 years and fathering her seven children. The penalty should have much worse and one hopes he won’t be heading to “Justice Center Leoben” in Austria which happens to look more like a 5-star hotel than it does a prison.

Prisoners enjoy living in well-designed cells, and have access to a gym and a basketball court. Apparently the only complaint is the lack of a computer and Internet access in the cells. Hell, this looks more like a vacation than a jail sentence, I wouldn’t be surprised if some Austrian folk leave their rented rooms to go live in the better surroundings.

More images at EatnineGhost.

The Disastrous Wedding Ceremony

Weddings can be pretty stressful affairs where people often lose their minds, their will to live, or in the case of this unfortunate best man, who happens to lose his footing when trying to hand over the rings at the ceremony.

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