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Your Shot at Fame: World Mouse Clicking Championship

Fancy yourself as clicker? Do people call you the King of Click? Well then my friend, fame is just a couple of clicks away! The Universal Record Database is running the World Mouse Clicking Competition – a throroughly useless game that records the most mouse clicks done in 10 seconds.

C. Williams from Fremont, New Hampshire, was the first to click his way to notoriety with 104 clicks in the allotted 10 seconds, a new world record at the time. Two days later, on June 22d, Ben Hughes from Great Manchester, England topped that score with a smashing 121 clicks!

If you’ve got the talent head over to the official World Mouse Clicking Competition site and give it a try. Limp clickers need not apply.

I couldn’t get more than 68 clicks. How did you do?

[via Zoomdoggle]

I Wear no Underwear

If there’s one thing you wish you hadn’t known about me, it is that I am easily aroused. Many uncomfortable moments were experienced in crowded buses but let’s not get into that. Anyways, I had a point to make here, but have forgotten it now as I get easily aroused distracted.

In this animation, I Wear No Underwear, from Nico Casavecchia , it seems the bottomless girls at One Eye Jack pack a bit of a surprise. Check it out below. It’s SFW.

[via Design You Trust]

Oddball SpongeBob Character Designs

Robert Ryan Cory is an animation character designer who has worked at Nickelodeon on the series SpongeBob SquarePants. Over at his Flickr page Cory has created some odd, grotesque sketches of the SquarePants characters. Check out a small gallery below.

See more of Cory’s work on Flickr.

BONUS: And here’s something for the ladies – crotch sweat and all ;-)

[via Picdit]

Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy

Frank Sinatra and Notorious B.I.G. together would seem like an unlikely duo considering their styles of music but DJ Cappel and Smitty decided to blend Sinatra’s blues with Big Poppa’s rhymes. The mashups were bundled together into the album aptly titled “Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy.”

Here’s a couple of tracks taken off the album.

Hypnotize / Little Green Apples

Juicy / New York, New York

10 Crack Commandments / Fools Rush In

What did you think – did you find this quite awesome or a bit of a perversion? Or were you totally indifferent? Drop us a comment.

Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit is a brilliantly animated 8-minute short film by 3D artist Egmont Mayer and tells the tale of a man who lived all alone in his small apartment, until one day a rabbit suddenly appeared. Not knowing whether pets were allowed in the building, the man doesn’t let anyone into his apartment, and over the years the rabbit has grown quite large – like a habit one would say ;-)

See Red Rabbit below of watch it in HD at Vimeo.

[via Laughing Squid]

These Carnivorous Robots are Powered by Bugs

The day you thought would never come has, erm, come. No it’s not free Internet for Africa, or nekkid Megan Fox photos, rather a series of robots that can consume flesh and live off it.

UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have created a series of robots that ensnare hapless insects and digest their remains to power themselves.

In this flycatcher/timepiece, the device possesses a sticky roller to trap insects and transports them to the microbial fuel cell. Bacteria within the sell digests the insects and produces energy to run the clock and keep the roller moving.

See two more robots after the jump.

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Play This: Dynamic Systems

Inspired by the Rube Goldberg process of creating machines, Dynamic systems is an addictive puzzler that has you fabricating elaborate machines to perform a simple task – in this case it is to make the little metal ball go in the bucket. There are 40 levels to complete.

Play Dynamic Systems at Kongregate.

I am Your Illustrator: Awesome Darth Vader Images

As iconic villains go, Darth Vader is surely one of the greatest. Falling to the dark side of the Force, the Sith Lord not only possessed a face for radio, but also became the scourge of the Jedi.

Given his supremely awesome powers (the Force Choke being my personal favourite), it’s no surprise to find Vader immortalized in some way or another. And here are some illustrations of the dude getting down with his bad self.

See more at Abduzeedo.

A Deaf Girl Learns to Play the Violin

In this video from Thailand, a young deaf girls goes through a gamut of emotions and even physical pain in her quest to play the violin at a recital.

As a tale of the underdog, I thought it was very touching and my eyes went a little moist…until I go to the end of the video, whereupon I felt a bit cheated. See what I’m talking about below.

Let us know what you thought about it.

[via chinaSMACK]

Friendly Reminder: Win a Mooks Hamper!

Note: This competition has ended.

Just quick reminder of our latest competition where we’re giving away a fantastic Mooks hamper worth R2000. We’ve got a great response thus far and if you want to stand a chance of winning head to our Mooks competition post and get your entries in. The competition will end at midnight July 5th.

Also, if you’re in Joburg and fancy some new kit, Mooks will be having a sidewalk sale at The Zone @ Rosebank – it starts today and ends on Sunday. See the flyer below for all the details – click to embiggen.