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Mid-Week Time Waster: RotatSpin

The Evil Crab Lord has stolen your hat and you must get it back from the thieving bastard. This is the plot behind the endearing, frustrating, confusing, and compelling skill game RotatSpin.

You need to get your pixelated man to the end of each level pressing forward to run faster or backwards to slow down and hitting the spacebar to jump. You’ll explode if you hit any obstacles and touching the spinning things rotates the camera randomly. From the precision-timed jumps to the mind-hurting angles, you’ll need quick reflexes and some lateral thinking to get through the levels. You have an unlimited amount of lives and you’ll certainly need them.

I haven’t sworn this much since the time I lip-synced to Slim Shady records back in the day. I got to level 22 and called it quits, fucking thing. Drop us a comment and let us know how you got along.

Play RotatSpin at Armor Games. [via Indie Games]

The Pigs Strike Back, Swine Flu on The Loose

If pigs belonged to a shadowy brotherhood, they’d be laughing their trotters off right now. We live in very interesting times with marvels in science and technology happening every day. And now you can add to that list a never-before-seen mixture of viruses from swine, birds, and humans.

Swine flu is a respiratory disease, caused by influenza type A which typically infects pigs. It hasn’t normally infected humans, but the latest form can spread from person to person, and with that the potential to spark a global pandemic.

The new strain has killed up to 149 people in Mexico, infected 50 in the United States, six in Canada, two each in Spain and Scotland, with New Zealand and Israel confirming cases of swine flu today. As a result the World Health Organization has raised its alert level to phase 4, indicating the virus is becoming increasingly adept at spreading among humans. Phase 6 is the highest alert level where the virus spreads to another country in a different region and the global pandemic is under way.

Keep up-to-date with Reuters’ global coverage of the swine flu.

Paint Swatches Make Great Wallpaper

In these dark economic days one has to save wherever possible, and to beat the credit crunch this creative person has ransacked a local hardware shop of those free paint swatches and stuck them up on their wall. It adds a brilliant splash of colour to the wall and no cost at all (especially true if you raid the company stationary cupboard for glue sticks).

It’s a genius idea don’t you think? I’d be tempted to do the same but I keep getting followed around our DIY shop by the security guards, hence making the mass-stealing of swatches nigh impossible. It’s my beard, it freaks them the fuck out.

[via Trend Hunter]

Play Shaper

Here’s a cool little time waster to get this short week off to a unproductive start. In Shaper, you need to connect various oddly shaped objects together to build a chain from the start dot to the finish dot and avoid any obstacles in your way.

Use the mouse to drag and drop the objects and the left and right arrow keys to rotate them. There are 25 levels.

Play Shaper at Armor Games. If the game fails to load, try Game Gum.

Heineken’s Walk-in-Fridge Commercial

In this funny little ad for Heineken, a woman is taking her girlfriends on a tour of her new home, and shows off her fancy walk-in wardrobe. The girls erupt in joyous screams but are overshadowed the screams of glee from the men. Check it out.

And here’s a great spoof by Bavaria on Heineken’s Walk-in-Fridge commercial.

God bless competitive advertising which one did you like best? Drop us a comment.

241543903: People With Their Heads in Freezers

It’s Sunday and I’m running on fumes.

If you plug the number 241543903 into a Google Images search, the results will show you photos of people sticking their heads into freezers. This little bit of interestingness was brought to you by David Horvitz. And as memes go, it is as fun as accidentally ingesting your own faeces. But hey that’s my opinion so let us know what you think.

[via Laughing Squid]

Asher Roth: Loving the College Life

Asher Roth is a 23-year old white rapper from rural Pennsylvania whose debut album “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” charted to the #1 spot on iTunes top 10 albums within 24 hours since its release. Sold out in-stores across the US, major retailers underestimated the grass roots support that Roth has received from blogs, magazines, and the hip-hop community for his raps on suburbia and varsity life.

Asleep in the Bread Aisle has received mixed reviews – praised for its old-school influenced sound, but also criticized for its limited subject matter.

Smoking weed, having sex, and swearing is hardly riveting material, and when Asher can’t turn these topics into something clever, it becomes tiresome

His party-rap single “I Love College” about weed, beer, drunk women, and frat parties unsurprisingly scored 36,128,311 plays on MySpace and logged another 6 million views on YouTube. Check it out.

What did you think – was it refreshing, irritating, bland? Drop us a comment.

Love of the Dead

It’s not all fun and necrophilia when you’re a zombie. Sometimes the undead live such hard lives.

[via B3ta]

Babel Tales by Peter Funch

At first glance the pictures from Danish photographer Peter Funch look like random snapshots of people on the streets of New York. In his series Babel Tales Funch stakes New York City street corners out for 10 to 14 days at a time and photographs pedestrians from the very same spot. He then photoshops samey people (smokers, yawners, dog owners, etc) into a composite photo of New Yorkers over time.

Here’s a small gallery of photos from the Babel Tales series:

More at [via The Presurfer]

Tokyo Stereographic!

Flickr user heiwa4126 has taken some great panoramic shots and through a technique called stereographic projection, he has wrapped the panoramas around to look like small planets. The location Tokyo, Japan lends itself perfectly to this kind of photography. Here’s a gallery of his small planets:

More of heiwa4126’s  images at his small planets Flickr set. And many more stereographic projections can be found in this Flickr pool.

[via The Awesomer]