Not Quite The Movies You Know

Another classic Worth1000 contest. This time it’s a collection of movies that are just one letter off.

See more at Worth1000 – via Buzzfeed.

Link Loving – March 16, 2009

Link Loving

Has anyone had a “back, crack, and sack” wax? On that rather painful thought here are some links.

Wondermark: An Illustrated Jocularity

Wondermark is a comic created by David Malki !. That punctuation mark is not a mistake on my part – David insists that one space be left between the exclamation point and the “i” in his last name for aesthetic reasons. Wondermark features 19th-century illustrations that have been recontextualized to create humorous juxtapositions.

See a small gallery below.

More at Wondermark – via Space Ghetto [NSFW].

Wooden Firepower: The Jenga Pistol

Sometimes I push it in a little too far and other times I’m told I need to poke it a little harder. Get your mind out the gutter, we are obviously talking about Jenga here. And woodwork inventor Matthas Wandel is ready to take the game out of the stone ages with the Jenga Pistol. Made of wood, the pistol has a rubber band mechanism that shoots a bolt through the pistol and into the block. Click play to see it in action.

And head to Woodgears for instructions on how to build your own – via I Heart Chaos.

Link Loving – March 13, 2009

Link Loving

From cheerleaders scandals to how a dog’s mind works, here are some links to while the afternoon away.

Friendly Reminder: Team Onelargeprawn & The SA Blog Awards

Just a quick reminder – the nominations for the SA Blog Awards has been extended to March 18th. A big thanks if you’ve nominated us already, but for the people who haven’t done so, there are a few more days left to get them in. If you’d like to nominate us for Best Entertainment Blog, Most Humorous South African Blog, and Best New Blog categories click HERE, fill in your details, and hit Submit.

There will be some rad prizes on offer, I heard rumours of an Audi R8 test drive, so if you’d like to see Team Onelargeprawn wreck skillfully handle a well-tuned piece of German engineering, get those nominations in!

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