F for Fail: Cheerleading Bloopers

Normally cheerleaders (even the male ones) are super-accurate when it comes to executing their routines. However, there are times when the stacks go wrong and cheerleaders come tumbling down. This is a compilation of those moments. Enjoy.

M&G Poll Predictor

This is the new cool toy from the M&G Online – take a quiz and the M&G will tell you which party to vote for.

It isn’t all that accurate because the questions aren’t weighted, but it’s fun, and will give you a general idea of how well a party’s policy aligns with your beliefs.

Editors note: Go to the vote predictor or click here.

Earth Hour 2009: News Round-up

So Earth Hour came and went this past weekend. Created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia, the goal of Earth Hour was to raise awareness of climate change and asked people around the world to collectively switch off their lights at 8.30pm on March 28th for 1 hour. Here are some of the news stories around Earth Hour 2009:

If you have any local stories, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.

The Most Controversial Films of All Time

Oh the good ol’ under-age days. I remember coaxing one of my older brother’s friends into buying me a ticket for the soft-porn flick Basic Instinct, as I skulked around the corner of the movie house. It was a strictly no-under-18 movie, and perspiration ran down my face as the attendant took the stub from my clammy hands and waved me. Oh yes, I was so excited that I walked straight into a wall of the darkened movie hall, but no matter I was going to see Sharon Stone’s glorious snatch on the big screen! At the time, writer Joe Eszterhas and director Paul Verhoeven pushed the envelope with this controversial film of graphic violence, voyeurism, lesbianism, and gratuitous sex.

Basic Instinct is one of those movies covered in Tim Dirk’s article on the most controversial films of all time. Considering some of the other films in this category, Basic Instinct seems like a Saturday morning episode of Sesame Street. See the 10-part article at Filmsite.org [NFSW].

Monday Morning Time Waster: Open Doors

Open Doors is a great game created by Kongregate user soapaintnice. The concept is deceptive simple: move your square box from its starting point through some doors to the destination marked by the X. Moving past a door’s pivot will open it, but some doors don’t necessarily open the way you’d expect them to.

The original Open Doors was published in 2008, and #2 was released just the other day.

Play the Open Doors | Play Open Doors 2.

George, The Drug Dealer’s Dog

That little terror you see is George. Don’t let his fluffy look fool you, George has already bitten three people and two small dogs. He’s usually muzzled when taken to the beach; Considering he used to belong to a drug dealer, George seems to have picked up some dubious habits, including doing a shit anywhere he pleases.

We went out to dinner in Pringle Bay and left George at home. Apparently he’s afraid of the dark, so we had to leave a light on in the house, and set the TV to Turner Classic Movies as that’s his favourite channel. This choice surprised me as most of the dogs I know love the Cartoon Network.

Anyways, how was your weekend?

Reason: The Washing Machine of my Dreams

Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter had a theory says that when the economy is floundering as it is now, innovators will lead the recovery. And a British entrepreneur is out to prove that theory with Reason, probably the most simple, unique, and perfect washing machine in the world.

This washing machine has two reservoir pods containing 1.5 liters each that automatically dispense the right amount of detergent and softener depending on the weight of your filthy laundry (it accepts a maximum of 10 kg), making it economical and eco-friendly. Simply pull out the drawer-like drum, drop in your laundry, push one button, and walk away.

The first batch of 200 individually handmade and numbered machines were sold in the UK via an online auction in February. More auctions inEurope, USA, and Japan will follow.

More info at the Reason Washing Machine website – via iGreenSpot.

1972 Datsun is World’s Fastest Electric Car

That’s right, a freaking ’72 Datsun 1200! Gas 2.0 reports that John Wayland’s street-legal racer “White Zombie” happens to be the fastest electric car in the world.

At an open race night, the White Zombie went up against souped-up Corvettes, BMW M3s and blew them away right off the starting line. It tore through a quarter-mile in 11.46 seconds, reaching a top speed of 114 MPH! It’s powered by two motors that are usually used to operate forklifts and the 60 batteries that occupy both the boot and the back seat. Equally impressive is the 20-minute charge time. Here’s a video of the vehicle in action.

I’d love to have one of these. Because I care about the environment, but more for those all-important traffic light drag races. Pulling off so fast I’ll be getting younger by the second. Oh yes, like my uncle Mike Naiker taught me.

Creme That Egg!

It’s all in the title. Now prepare to be totally amazed or horribly disappointed depending on how you read that title ;)

Creme That Egg is another Rube Goldberg machine that perform a simple task in a convoluted way.

Flash Game Friday: Gen

Man I feel ill. “Come for one drink” eventually resulted in me exiting the bar at 3 in the morning, along with the extremely “refreshed” Lucy Furr and some very cool people I had met earlier.

It’s like a squirrel nut-chomping orgy is going on in my head. As such, me efforts today will be limited to Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. Today’s flash game is called Gen.

All of your precious spheres have been scattered far from the safety of the main sphere. It is up to you to gently guide them back.

To do this you must use your ability to attract the smaller spheres towards the rescue sphere. With a cluster of them in pursuit you must make sure they stay away from peril and reach their goal.

Play Gen at Kongregate.

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