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Tokyo Tilt Shift

Tilt-shift photography is a technique that makes life-sized locations look like a miniature-scale models. It’s been done to death in photos, but I haven’t come across a video that uses this technique. Until now.

Using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and both time-lapse and tilt-shift techniques, Vimeo user mockmoon creates these most awesome clips of Tokyo and Yokohama. See them below.

Miniature City

Miniature City 2

You can watch them in HD at Vimeo – Miniature City | Miniature City 2.

[via The Awesomer]

Midweek Timewaster: Stackle

After popping some Degoran to combat a cold, I can barely feel my nose much less my brain so my decision making might be a little off-kilter. Today’s first post was a tough face-off between Demi Moore’s hairy bush and a Tetris-inspired timewaster, and I think I made the right decision that will benefit you, our dear readers.

Tetris meets Jenga in the physics puzzle game, Stackle. You need to grab blocks from the tower and stack them on the top to reach as high as you can but take care not to let the whole thing topple over. It’s a simple, addictive premise but can be deceptively difficult if you’re a fly-by-night builder.

Play Stackle at Newgrounds and let us know how many points you scored.

BONUS: Demi Moore’s bush can be seen here – be warned, what has been seen cannot be unseen. It is also NSFW unless you don’t mind people getting the wrong idea.

Online Cartography: The Internet Mapping Project

The Interwebs is a vast, intangible, untameable place. Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick at Wired magazine, considers it “immense ghost land of disembodied places” that we are able to navigate through every day and return with our body parts intact. So he reckoned we must have a rough map of the Internet in our heads, and at a recent TED conference, he asked people to draw a map of the Internet as they see it, indicating their “home” on the map.

He has collected over 50 maps so far. Here’s a small gallery – click to embiggen.

See more maps at Kevin Kelly’s flickr set.

You can get involved in the Internet Mapping Project by downloading the blank PDF from Kelly’s website and submitting your own map.

[via picocool]

Win T-shirts from 2BOP!

NOTE: This competition has ended.

Time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana). We’re already into week 3 of our month-long t-shirt giveaway and this time you stand a chance of winning cool gaming-related sweaters from 2BOP!

2BOP draws inspiration primarily from games that were popular in South Africa at corner shops and arcades in the 80’s and early 90’s. Disadvantaged areas during apartheid South Africa had little to offer in terms of exposure to cutting edge international design or computer technology but the bootleg arcade games at the corner shop were a window into what was happening in the outside world.

And we’ve got two rad sweatshirts to give away to our readers. Check them out below:

Monochrome ASCII


Full competition details are after the jump!

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Fallen Princesses

In contrast to the predictable happy endings depicted in the Disney fairy tales, Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses project takes those fairy take characters and places them in modern day scenarios.

From unhappily domesticated Snow White to heavy boozer Cinderella, to a cancer-stricken Rapunzel, Goldstein replaces those “happily ever after” moments with more realistic outcomes.

See more images and Goldstein’s motivation for the project at JPG.

[via The Daily What]

Happy Monday 2: The Butan Wear T-shirt Winners

Our second t-shirt giveaway has just ended and to stand a chance to winning one of the fantastic Butan Wear tees on offer, we asked you to name one of the stores in South Africa that stock Butan Wear. We accepted any of stores listed in the Outlets section of the Butan Wear website.

The Randomizer has done its thing and spat out the winners. Could you be one of them? Find out after the jump.

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Competition Reminder: Win T-shirts from Butan Wear

Just a quick reminder that our weekly t-shirt competition ends this coming Sunday so if you haven’t done so yet, this is a good time to submit your entry.

We’ve got two cool Butan Wear tees to give away to our readers – Wild Jane for the ladies and Fight the Power for the gents.

butan wear prizes

The full  details are available HERE.

Invade or Die: Onelargeprawn Gets Arty

I wanted to start off by saying that my Photoshop skills are as great as my penis is long but then realised how I just insulted myself so I gave up on that intro and went with something a little less self-deprecating.

I know as much about art as a garden snail knows about astrophysics, but I made something that I think looks a little arty. It was an entry that I created for a competition on the local Playstation 3 forum; I converted into a wallpaper and wanted to share it with you – it’s called Invade or Die.

Keeping true to our theme that choice is the most important priority right after love, sex, intelligence, pets, internet, and a whole bunch of other stuff, I have prepared a few different resolutions of the wallpaper in case you might actually like it and want to download a bigger version.

Right click the link of the resolution you’re interested in and select the option to save the image/link.

1280×800 | 1280×960 | 1440×900 | 1600×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200

480×272 (PSP) | 1280×720 (720p) | 1920×1080 (1080p)

Do let me know what you think about it.

The Cigarette Trick

Barnaby the juggler has got a neat party trick. He catches a cigarette in his mouth, strikes a match and tosses that up in the air to light the cigarette. Check it out.

How does he do that – is it sleight of hand of just good practice? Drop us a comment.

[via YesButNoButYes]

Adventures in Memedom: Ceiling Cat

With the internet being what it is, new memes are as virulent as those unsolicited STDs you caught on the weekend (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone). And Ceiling Cat is a character spawned by the popular Lolcat meme. Word has it that the voyeuristic feline teleports between houses and pokes his head through holes in the ceiling. Why? To watch people masturbate. See below.

I can imagine you are about to pose this question: “But I don’t have a hole in my ceiling. Will this guarantee I won’t get spotted?

The answer is NO – If there is no hole in your ceiling, he’ll make one, so it’s advisable to put your cock away.

Perving aside, Ceiling Cat can lay waste to planets with his eye lazers. Oh, he also hates Jews.

BONUS: Ceiling Cat now available in papercraft!

Make your own and stick him anywhere.