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Adventures in Memedom: Ceiling Cat

With the internet being what it is, new memes are as virulent as those unsolicited STDs you caught on the weekend (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone). And Ceiling Cat is a character spawned by the popular Lolcat meme. Word has it that the voyeuristic feline teleports between houses and pokes his head through holes in the ceiling. Why? To watch people masturbate. See below.

I can imagine you are about to pose this question: “But I don’t have a hole in my ceiling. Will this guarantee I won’t get spotted?

The answer is NO – If there is no hole in your ceiling, he’ll make one, so it’s advisable to put your cock away.

Perving aside, Ceiling Cat can lay waste to planets with his eye lazers. Oh, he also hates Jews.

BONUS: Ceiling Cat now available in papercraft!

Make your own and stick him anywhere.

DEADLINE: An Awesome Post-it Stop Motion

Bang-yao Liu is a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design and for his senior project, he made this most brilliant (and insanely time-consuming) stop-motion using Post-It notes. He animates a wall of coloured Post-Its around his desk to symbolize his struggles with work stress and deadlines. Liu had this to say:

Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline.

Check out DEADLINE below or watch it in high quality at YouTube.

You can catch the making of DEADLINE after the jump.

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“Nobody” by the Wonder Girls

My day just got off to a cheery start. I’ve never heard of them before but the Wonder Girls are a very popular a South Korean girl group. Since their debut in 2007, they’ve scored 3 consecutive #1 hit singles and Nobody is their latest release.

It’s a catchy tune and worth a listen. With choice being one of our top priorities here at Onelargeprawn I give you two videos:

1. Watch a uniformed Korean man and two friends dancing to the song. The guy in the background remains asleep the whole time.

2. Watch the five ladies from the Wonder Girls doing their thing. They are hot. That is all.

[Thanks Lucy!]

The Ghost Whisperer

If anyone has ever met YTAH (‘why, ta!’) from, they would know he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. This hard-nosed gentleman uses bears to wipe his ass and can be a trusted ally if ever you get into an argument about which Shakespeare play sucked the most.

As I see it, the only chink in his impressive armour is the sight and smell of diarrhoea ; it is his kryptonite. I have a vial of it stashed away in case one of our encounters goes south. But I digress…

YTAH mailed me this afternoon concerning a TV show that featured a man who could supposedly commune with the dead. The usually inept postal service had mistakenly sent him a transcript of the last (unaired) show and he wanted to share it with me.

It’s a very funny read and I thought I would share the link with you. Check out “The Ghost Whisperer” at Africans.

Play Wooden Path

Wednesday at work. Could I think of a better way to spend the day? Why yes, I think I can.

Wooden Path is an isometric block-shifting puzzle game that tasks you with creating a wooden bridge to cross a river. You need to position the wooden blocks together so that they make an unbroken path from one river bank to the other. Naturally bridge building is not as easy as it used to be and there are a variety of blocks of different types and sizes scattered around the level to impede your progress.

Keen spacial skills and patience will prove helpful here. Unfortunately when those traits were being given out, I was standing in line for shockingly good looks. Damn!

Play Wooden Path at Kongregate.

[via Heckler Spray]

Star Trek Meets Monty Python

We’ve featured a couple of Star Wars mashups on the blog, most notably Han Solo, P.I. We haven’t really covered much in the way of Star Trek aside from mentioning that smut magazine Hustler have made a XXX parody called This Ain’t Star Trek.

And we’d like to take a step in correcting the imbalance by showing you this – a movie mashup of the funniest Monty Python song, “Knights of the Round Table”, performed by the cast of Star Trek. Check it out below.

[Thanks Lucy!]

Relationship Fail: Why my ex Sucks

I think I may have mentioned this before but back in the day when I was at varsity a girl broke up with me to hook up with her Spanish dance instructor – he taught her how to dance and she taught him how to speak English. I believe it was short-lived though, as he gave her the clap. I don’t really hold any grudges but I don’t speak to that bitch anymore. No seriously, I jest ;-)

In the same vein as Fuck My Life and Texts from Last Night, a new website – Why My Ex Sucks – asks users to tell them why their ex-partners were complete douchebags or douchBaguettes. Bitterness needs to be condensed into three reasons.

Here are some of the submissions:

Practice Makes Pervert

1. He broke my wrist when he insisted on arm wrestling me. He’s six foot three. I’m five foot even.

2. He didn’t bring me to his prom because “his dream girl” asked him last minute.

3. He cheated on me. And expected to make me feel better about it because the girls “meant nothing to him” and he was just “practicing for me.”

Healthy Habit

1. He smoked crack and stole my car. My car keys had my apartment keys attached to them, and so I was locked out for three days while the cops looked for him.

2. When we broke up and I kicked him out, he proceeded to uninstall and steal our toilet.

3. I went on vacation with my girlfriends and returned to find that he had sold all of our electronics for crack!

No Greek God

1. He BEGGED me to fly from Greece to Paris to stay with him for 3 weeks. When I got there, he all of a sudden wanted me to leave. He had made me pre-pay for the fucking tickets, so I was stuck there with no money to leave earlier.

2. When broke up with him he asked my 14-year old sister out to make me jealous so I would take him back.

3. He thought it was weird that i showered almost every day. He showered every 2-3 weeks and only because his parents told him to.

More tales of relationships gone awry at Why My Ex Sucks.

The Audi R8 Optical Illusion

I love optical illusions, considering I pretty much live in one. From my Lamborghini Murciélago which is really a VW Beetle to the corner office that is basically a cubicle that time forgot, I view many things from an odd perspective.

And here’s a little illusion for you – which one of these Audi R8s do you think is the largest? Think about it and find the answer after the jump.

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‘Hammer Pants’ Flash Mob

It’s Hammer time, flash mob style. As part of a promo for an upcoming documentary on the rapper made famous by his sparkly pants, a flash mob pulled off a well orchestrated MC Hammer dance, gold pants and all. Check it out below or watch it in HD at YouTube.

Apparently this flash mob lark goes on in South Africa as well, but it’s limited to throwing fruit at each other or just falling asleep as a certain spot, hardly exciting stuff. If a flash mob were to stone a Police station, that may pique my interest. But you didn’t get the idea from me, I am in no way responsible for the rubber bullets that become lodged up your ass as you beat a hasty retreat from the fuzz. Oh wait, I’m getting riot and flash mob confused. My bad.

Win T-shirts from Butan Wear!

We’re into week 2 of our month-long t-shirt giveaway and this time you stand a chance of winning goodies from the super-stlyin’ Butan Wear!

Born on the streets of Cape Town, Butan Wear is a street wear label deeply entrenched in South African underground culture and urban lifestyle. Lending itself to emerging as well as established MCs, producers, b-boys, turntablists, and skate boarders from all corners of Mzansi, Butan Wear firmly believe that the ideologies of street culture must be carried forward as it develops and the brand alongside it.

And we’ve got two cool Butan Wear tees to give away to our readers – Wild Jane for the ladies and Fight the Power for the gents.

Full competition details are after the jump. Go to it!

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