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A to Z of Awesomeness

A comic book artist by the name of Neill Cameron is on a quest to draw STUFF that is AWESOME. Calling his project “Neill’s A-Z of Awesomeness”, he draws a character daily based on suggestions from his Facebook group, Twitter, and comments on his blog.

So for each letter of the alphabet I am going to let people suggest a character, and I will then draw that character, on a daily basis. Got it? You are also allowed to suggest what that character should be doing, with bonus points awarded for imaginative alliteration.

His wonderful series of illustrations is currently up to the letter U. Check out some of comically cool creations below.

See the full list on Neill’s blog.

[via Laughing Squid]

Happy Monday 4: The Mooks Hamper Winner!

Our latest giveaway has just ended and to stand a chance of winning an awesome R2000 hamper from Mooks, we asked you to mail us the answer to the following question:

What is a Mook?

A quick visit to the Mooks website reveals the answer as a hipster, a hustler, a wiseguy, or even a fool. We had a great amount of interest in this competition so thanks to all the peeps that entered.

The Randomizer has done its thing and now we’re hoping to improve someone’s Monday with this smashing hamper. Could that someone be you? Find out after the jump.

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Oh my. I don’t know where to begin, so I’m going to toss out some things at you:

Armpit katana | ass sword | face chainsaw | acidic lactation | bust machine gun | geisha tank transform | geisha missile | shrimp dagger

If you think any of these make good ingredients for a movie, then you’re going to love Noboru Iguchi’s scifi/horror/comedy flick RoboGeisha about a bunch of beautiful fembots that can kill you dead with an assortment of “interesting” weapons. The trailer is totally outrageous, hilarious, grotesque, and bizarre – see it below [probably NSFW].

What did you think – is it made of awesome or predictably Japanese? Drop us a comment.

[via Asylum]

Competition Reminder: Win a R2000 Mooks Hamper!

Note: This competition has ended.

Just a quick note to mention that our latest giveaway will be ending in a few days time – midnight on July 5th to be specific. Our friends at Mooks have put up fantastic hamper that includes these goodies:

  • A Kaiser beanie
  • A pair of matte black “Charlie” sunglasses
  • An Assembly Overnighter bag

The hamper is valued at R2000 and if you want to win it, send the answer to the following question to our competition mailbox.

Question: What is a Mook?

Hint: The answer is available at

Good luck!  :yes:

Creative Products Ads You May Not Have Seen

As seen in the previous post, there are some supremely creative people out there. As part of the unwashed not-so-creative masses, it’s inspiring to see the imaginative content that can be made. This holds true for advertising – I have become desensitized to it, and try to avoid all the bland, run-of-the-mill stuff. However, these incredible examples of product advertisements from deviantART that you might not have seen give you an idea on how creative advertising can be.

Tiger Beer Energy

Playstation 3

Nike Environment Protection

Nikon D300



Ecko unltd

See the full list of 55 incredible product advertisements at Presidia Creative. And let us know of any that you liked.

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #2

Today has been a total non-starter for me. After a night of pool and beer, I’m a touch unstable. Case in point, I nearly fell off the toilet just a few moment ago! But to my defence, the seat had somehow come loose, aiding to the unpleasant meeting of my head and the faux marble wall. Luckily the contents of my bowel stayed put during the unexpected event. But I digress.

After our previous post on purdy wallpapers to brighten your desktop, I thought another one would be appropriate. So see below for some fantastical widescreen wallpaper.

See the full list of 99 widescreen wallpapers at instantShift.

Darth Vader and the Romantic Subplot

Just a few days ago we featured some cool illustrations of the fearsome Darth Vader. Whilst he may have been an imposing figure and found your lack of faith to be disturbing, Vader was lightweight when it came to flirting with the ladies.

This character flaw can be seen when he falls in love with a female co-worker at a staff briefing. He makes a total hash of it, excuses himself, and ends up in the ladies toilet. Check it out below.

How embarrassing was that?

[via Andy’s Blog]

Your Shot at Fame: World Mouse Clicking Championship

Fancy yourself as clicker? Do people call you the King of Click? Well then my friend, fame is just a couple of clicks away! The Universal Record Database is running the World Mouse Clicking Competition – a throroughly useless game that records the most mouse clicks done in 10 seconds.

C. Williams from Fremont, New Hampshire, was the first to click his way to notoriety with 104 clicks in the allotted 10 seconds, a new world record at the time. Two days later, on June 22d, Ben Hughes from Great Manchester, England topped that score with a smashing 121 clicks!

If you’ve got the talent head over to the official World Mouse Clicking Competition site and give it a try. Limp clickers need not apply.

I couldn’t get more than 68 clicks. How did you do?

[via Zoomdoggle]

I Wear no Underwear

If there’s one thing you wish you hadn’t known about me, it is that I am easily aroused. Many uncomfortable moments were experienced in crowded buses but let’s not get into that. Anyways, I had a point to make here, but have forgotten it now as I get easily aroused distracted.

In this animation, I Wear No Underwear, from Nico Casavecchia , it seems the bottomless girls at One Eye Jack pack a bit of a surprise. Check it out below. It’s SFW.

[via Design You Trust]

Oddball SpongeBob Character Designs

Robert Ryan Cory is an animation character designer who has worked at Nickelodeon on the series SpongeBob SquarePants. Over at his Flickr page Cory has created some odd, grotesque sketches of the SquarePants characters. Check out a small gallery below.

See more of Cory’s work on Flickr.

BONUS: And here’s something for the ladies – crotch sweat and all ;-)

[via Picdit]