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Enter the ToneMatrix

Andre Michelle, the creator of ToneMatrix describes his lab experiment as a “Simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer.” That’s geek-speak for what is a fun and addictive music maker that sounds awesome no matter what you do.

ToneMatrix comprises a 16×16 grid where each block in the grid represents a specific tone. Click a block to light it up and it starts pulsing a single musical note. Click on another block and you’ve started to make a loop. Create your own patterns or just fool around for a while. It’s a simple concept that can result in some amusing compositions.

Give it a try at

I’ve made a little start on a tune of my own. If you’d like to listen to it, copy the following set of numbers, right-click anywhere in ToneMatrix, and select Paste.


BONUS: Hit the jump to check out songs other YouTubers have made.

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Magneboy and the Laws of Attraction

The only reason I would stop playing today’s timewaster is this one – to tell you about it ;-) Created by UK-based game house Nitrome, Magneboy is an sliding-block puzzler where you play as an uber-cute clockwork robot who uses its powers of magnetism to cross chasms, create bridges, and shuffle past various obstacles, ultimately to get to the end of each level.

I don’t think it was designed to be difficult – I managed to get to level 26 without too much trouble. Considering that a dead flea has a better sense of direction than I do, it’s safe to say that the learning curve here isn’t too steep. Great music and a retro pixel art design complete the really cool package that Magneboy is.

Play the 50 levels of awesomeness at Nitrome and let us know how you got along.

2012 Brings All Kinds of Destruction

If there was ever anyone to challenge Michael Bay in the boom-boom stakes, it would have to be the German director, Roland Emmerich. And his upcoming disaster film, 2012, tells of a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world as we know it (or will know in 2012) and the struggle of a handful of survivors. It stars John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson and it set for a November 2009 release.

I’m a little tried of the whole disaster movie genre, but the 2012 trailer is full of CGI, pretty explosions, and small chunks of dialogue. And that’s certainly enough to keep my ADD-riddled brain engaged. Check it out below or see it in HD at YouTube.

The concept for the film is based on a Mayan belief that the world will end in 2012 so when the time comes, you’ll know who to blame ;-)

[via Cinematical]

Play This: Use Boxmen

I have a problem with procrastination, but I think it’s something I can sort out later. In the meantime, here’s a neat pluzzle platformer Use Boxmen you are a strange, superior figure who must guide a boxman through each level to collect the furniture boxes. To make the job easier you can cast clones to do tasks for you – the clones are really “special” so they’ll copy whatever you do. A little patience and logical thinking is required here.

Play Use Boxmen at

[via Jay is Games]

Dr Manhattan’s Pants

If you’ve seen or read the Watchmen, you’ll notice that Dr Manhattan doesn’t quite see the need for clothes and is more than content to let his glowing blue willy hang free.

And in this live-action skit from College Humor, the other Watchmen members come face to face with their greatest opponent: nudity. Check it out below.

[via The Awesomer]

Bus’ a Laugh With the Jamaican News Broadcast

This past Friday Lucy and I were sitting watching the T20 semi-final between Sri Lanka and the West Indies. At the post-match presentation, the losing captain Chris Gayle was having a chat with one of the commentators, and whilst Lucy was able to make it out, I had absolutely no clue what he was saying. I don’t think it’s a fault on my part, more that Jamaicans speak a unique version of English like no one else in the world. For example:

Mi like yuh cris cyar.
Translation: I like your new car.

Yuh tuh fass and facety.
Translation: You are too inquisitive and fresh.

Gyal, yuh roach killa dem a seh one out deh.
Translation: Girl, those shoes are the bomb.

But cooh pan di lickle invalid.
Translation: Oh the poor little boy is handicapped.

Gyal fayva buckteet Ida.
Translation: She has a bit of an overbite.

What a bway dunce sah.
Translation: He has a touch of Dyslexia.

Anyways, that was just a preamble to what I really wanted to show you – it’s pretty old but something I always go to when I need a good laugh. Taken from the 90s tv series “The Real McCoy”, this skit is from a JBC news broadcast where the presenter is giving the lineup of British TV shows that have been dubbed especially for Jamaican audiences. Check it out.

BONUS: Hit the jump for some more Jamaican slang to introduce into your daily conversation.

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Win an Awesome R2000 Hamper from Mooks!

Note: This competition has ended.

We’re into the final week of June, and it brings not only my birthday but also our last giveaway for this month. And we thought we’d surprise you by not giving away any t-shirts at all. Instead, we got an awesome hamper from our buddies at Mooks!

Created in Melbourne, Australia fashion label Mooks started off in 1991 with a line of t-shirts designs that mixed a tongue-in-cheek twist of pop art, Japanese comics, American College sports, and graphic design. 18 years later and still keeping with the ethos “people creating for like minded people“, Mooks can be found around the world, making streetwear that is new, fresh, and original.

And we’ve got a super-cool hamper to give away to one lucky reader. It includes:

  • A pair of matte black “Charlie” sunglasses
  • An Assembly Overnighter bag
  • A Kaiser beanie

The hamper is valued at R2000 and is by far the biggest prize we’ve had on Onelargeprawn! All the info you need to enter the competition details can be found after the jump. Go to it!

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Happy Monday 3: The 2BOP Sweatshirt Winners!

Our third t-shirt giveaway has just ended and to stand a chance to winning one of the super-awesome 2BOP sweatshirts on offer, we asked you to answer the following question:

Back in the 80s and 90s you needed 2Bop to play arcade games. What is a 2Bop?

The answer we were looking for was a twenty cent piece. Thanks to all the peeps that entered, the Randomizer has done its thing and spat out the winners. Could you be one of them? Find out after the jump.

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Here be Virals: Samsung OmniaHD Camera Trick

Aside from eating dogs and occasionally making good cellphones, those crafty Koreans at Samsung also know a thing or two about viral marketing. In April this year Samsung and a company called The Viral Factory released a video to shill the Samsung i8910 (OnmiaHD). It features a dude unboxing his i8910 and showing off the HD recording abilities of his new handset; he performs a trick in the process and challenges the viewers to guess how it’s done.

This clip was shot on an I8910 HD phone, a new camera phone just released by Samsung with an 8 megapixel camera that can actually record and output video in HD format. It was shot in one take, with no post production or special effects of any kind. Everything you see here was done “in-camera”. Our challenge to you is to figure out how we did it.

Some of you may not bite this little bit of viral bait, but it’s certainly worked well, receiving over a million views and almost 2000 comments. Check out the video below or watch it in HD at YouTube.

Let us know in the comments if you know how they did it. And then see the secret behind the video after the jump.

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Friendly Reminder: Win Sweatshirts from 2BOP!

Just a quick reminder that our weekly t-shirt competition ends this coming Sunday so if you haven’t done so yet, this is a good time to submit your entry.

This week we’ve got two retro sweatshirts from 2BOP to give away to our readers.

To stand a chance of winning one of these prizes, head to our competition post for more details.