MyBrute: Fight Me!

Fellow gamer Aftershock9 turned me onto this little gem. MyBrute is a super-cool Flash game that takes up 5 minutes of your day. The way it works is you create a character and fight another person’s character in an arena. You can’t control what your fighter does, their actions are random, and if you happen to choose one with a weapon, they’ll use it to their advantage. So sit back and watch as the fight unfolds.

When you create your fighter, you are allowed 6 initial fights, after which there seems to be a 3-fight cap per day. You can join a clan and if you’ve reached level 10,  you can create your own clan.

You can also challenge friends by typing their name in the arena or visiting their fighter’s profile. You can duke it out with my scrappy fighter at

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Natalie Tran: YouTube Superstar

My experience with YouTube is like one-way traffic – I usually drop in to watch a blooper video or tune, and that’s about it. I never really noticed the vloggers – the video bloggers who spend much more time on YouTube, posting response videos, and generally rambling at their low-res web cam. The other day, Onelargeprawn reader Macross posted on the PS3ZA forums about Natalie Tran, a 22-year old Vietnamese Australian student whose understated, self-deprecating humour has made her one of the most celebrated vloggers on YouTube.

Natalie’s videos are usually short skits in which she plays every character, and she chats candidly to the camera between each skit. She’s natually funny and the video are very entertaining, so it’s no surprise that her YouTube channel has over 10 million views.

Here are a couple of her skits:

Makeup like a Celeb in 1 Minute

The “We Just Touched Awkwardly” Song

But I Can Dance!

See more at her YouTube channel.

The Diabetic Scammer

Scammers are getting very innovative these days. Earlier this afternoon, our sister “Animal Muppet” was involved in what she thought was a medical mission, which turned out to be well-executed scam. She was enjoying her filter coffee outside a coffee emporium in Sea Point, Cape Town when a short black man with bandy legs crumpled to the ground, and started convulsing. The patrons sat in shock doing nothing, so Muppet jumped with friend “Mustachio Muppet” to the rescue. The man appeared to be both deaf and dumb, but managed to indicate to Muppet that she should look in his bag. The bag was stuffed with insulin and syringes, and she gave him a syringe with 10ml of something white in it.

After he injected himself and stopped convulsing, he proceeded to tell his helpers that he was going to walk to the N1 highway and hitch to Umthata for an operation. Mustachio Muppet gifted him R50 and they wished him well. He then gathered his stuff plus wits and hobbled off down the road.

Feeling good about their Samaritan endeavor, the Muppets returned to their coffee, only to be told a short time later by the restaurant waiter that the very same man has collapsed at the very same spot two weeks earlier. They were convulsed with hysterics and to regain lost funds, stiffed the waiter.

So there you have it, a scam alert from your friends at Onelargeprawn. If this happens to you, don’t worry, the waiter is wise and is waiting to be stiffed :panda:

Got Milk? Why Yes. Yes I Do.

Photographer Alena Nikiforova knows about the power of milk. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used in coffee, or as a face cleanser, or to treat mild sunburn. And occasionally, it can be thrown at models.

If all products were advertised this way, consumer spending would certainly go up. Except I don’t know how sexy hurling germ-killing Toiled Duck at innocent models would be. We won’t know til we try.

More images from Alena’s “Telki” series at The Behance Network. Alena also experiments with models and coloured water.

What’s that Smell? Soccer Player Farts, Get a Yellow Card

I couldn’t possibly make this shit up if I tried. During a game of footy somewhere in Manchester UK, a player was carded for passing gas. Chorlton Villa were playing rivals International Manchester, when Manchester were awarded a penalty.

As the spot kick was taken, One of Chorlton Villa’s players farted, and the penatly was saved. The referee, however, called foul and yellow carded the Villa player for cutting the cheese at an inopportune moment. Villa’s goalie was then given the red card for saying the ref was “the worst he had seen in years” and another Villa player was sent packing for expressing disbelief that his mate could be sent off letting rip a bottom burp.

Needless to say, Villa won the game 6-4 but now face a fine of GBP 97.00.

Full article at BBC News.

PETA Crowns Sexiest Vegetarian

I had salad for lunch – truly I did and I loved it every bite of it. It’s not like the TV ad where the husband gives away the sandwich his wife lovingly made for him and heads off to KFC for fulfilment.

To tie in with the fruit and vegetable theme, I’m pleased to announce that PETA has recently chosen winners for its 2009 Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest. Did you even know there was such a contest? I certainly didn’t, perhaps I should take a more keen interest in this vegetarian lark. “Vegetarians are people too” someone once told me, and these ones are hot.

After 3 rounds, two women made it through to the final – Gisele and Amber. Gisele (on the left) is a 25-year old meat-dodger from Miami who enjoys modeling, graphic design, arts and crafts, and mountain biking; Amber is 29, hails from Minnesota and is turned on by confidence, bad boys who have a heart for animals, tattoos, and creativity.

And the winner is…. after the jump :silly:
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Look! It’s The Cape Town Smiley

We’re not talking about boiling a goat’s head. It’s way too early in the morning for that. No, this is the other kind of smiley. Spotted in Cape Town by Flickr user eskom_power was this smiley face below a fire-ravaged section of Table Mountain. I’m told it is not photoshopped, someone used black bags to add the eyes and smile to a roughly-shaped circle that was left behind by the blaze. Click to see bigger.

[Thanks PostmanPat]

Epic battle: Pirates vs Ninjas

As far back as I can remember (so last week then?), there has been massive debates as to who would win in a fight – pirates or ninjas. The internet meme has spawned web comics , a viral Facebook application allowing members to join either the Ninja or Pirates, and various video games have made reference to the eternal fight.

And Etsy user SaltyandSweet has created a Ninja Vs Pirate Mobile so your babies can experience this ultimate showdown first hand.

See the Ninja Vs Pirate Mobile at Etsy [via Neatorama].

ANC vs ID catfight

It’s a jungle out there peeps! Yesterday Prawn posted a hilarious sound bite thingy that compared the South African Presidential race to a horse race. Well this morning I saw something almost as funny on Apparently an ANC official from Warmsand, which lies somewhere between the middle of nowhere and the back of beyond, savaged the ear of an ID supporter. Both the ANC official and the ID supporter are women. The election violence has started and it’s with a political catfight! Oh yes Oh yay South African politics are just brilliant this year – they’re a laugh a minute.

You can read the whole story here.

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