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Flash Game Friday: Neon Maze

A little late, but there’s still a good few hours of work to be wasted today and this little gem may just keep you occupied til you knock off.

In a similar theme to the Hue Test I posted earlier, Neon Maze is a colour-based puzzle/strategy game where you need to guide your ship through a glowing labyrinth to the exit. The coloured walls aren’t just for show – you’ll need to change your ship’s colour to that of the wall to pass through it, for example, touch a red gear to colour your ship red, and move through red walls. Touching a wall that is a different colour that your ship will result in a shock and a reduction in the points you’ll get at the end of the level.

Anyone who has trouble with colour perception (oooh ooh pick me!) may have some difficulty with this game.

Try get through 25 levels of Neon Maze at Newsgrounds.

[via Jay is Games]

FormulaSexta: Formula 1 as You’ve Never Seen it…

… or likely to see until laser cannons come standard with Formula 1 cars. Now I’d pay good money to see that.

FormulaSexta is an ad campaign made by Kotoc Productions to promote Formula 1. Drawing inspiration from the pod race in Star Wars Episode I and elements of WipEout HD, they created a futuristic F1 race with cars that fitted the racing driver’s personalities.

To this premise we added the racing drivers’ personality with their cars. As a result of this, Alonso is a dolphin because of his intelligence, Hamilton is a shark because of his aggressiveness, Kimi is a swordfish and Massa is a hammerhead shark.

See the video below.

More clips at Kotoc’s Vimeo channel.

[via Like Cool | 3DM3]

The Hue Test: How Well do You See Colour?

According to X-Rite, a manufacturer of color matching products, 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. And they’ve set up an online challenge to determine how well you see colour. In the test, you need to drag and drop the colours in each row to arrange them by hue order. Once you’re done click Score Test to get your results – the lower the score, the better you are at seeing colour.

I’m pretty bad and scored a dismal 68 (on the laptop screen) and 49 on my secondary monitor. I compared the results to gentlemen in my age range:

Best score for your gender and age range: 0 (fucking show-off)
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 (one blind-ass dude)

Take the FM100 Hue Test at X-Rite and let us know how you fared. You’ll need to select a country to proceed to the test.

[via Zoomdoggle]

F’ing Awesome: The Count, Censored

Remember Count von Count from Sesame Street who had a love of counting and would count anything and everything? Crafty YouTube user CanonD265 has perverted the count’s theme song in a really ingenious way. It’s ****ing hilarious – check it out.

[Thanks ToOkieMoNstZA]

Woman Bites off Lover’s Penis in Car Crash

Oh sweet baby Jesus! This the true pain that comes from a romantic tryst gone wrong. reports that an adulterous boss and his secretary were having an affair in a car in a Singapore park when their good times was cut short, so to speak, by a reversing van. The 30-year old secretary was performing fellatio on her boss and the impact of the crash caused her to bite her lover’s penis off!

It that’s not humiliating enough, this whole incident was observed by a private detective who had been sent by the woman’s husband. The detective said that the car ‘shook violently’, was then hit by the van, and a woman screamed loudly, with her mouth covered in blood. No word on whether the chomped love muscle survived the accident.

BONUS: Improve your car-sex technique with the Ca’a’sutra. It’s not in english, but the photos are self-explanatory. Oh and cartoon sex may be NSFW at some workplaces.

Screensaver for you

Lucy Furr sent me a mail this morning titled “Screensaver for you”. This is usually her modus operandi – tailoring the subject line to make it seem to be a virus. I knew something was fishy when the mail contained not a screensaver, but a wallpaper with this cute gat-possessing, ice-wearing, kitty-type thing.

I thought I’d share it with you, not only because it’s cool but to show you my keen grasp of the woman’s mind. Observe:

  1. A quick Googling revealed tokidoki to be a Japanese-inspired high-end urban lifestyle brand created in 2005 by an Italian artist Simone Legno. Coincidentally Lucy Furr likes high-end stuff.
  2. Amongst toys, clothing, and accessories, tokidoki also makes handbags. Coincidentally, Lucy Furr loves handbags.
  3. The email subject is coded in layers. Coincidentally, Lucy Furr is wearing layers of clothing today.

This is no coincidence. My analytical mind has decrypted the email subject: “Screensaver for you” > “Wallpaper to see” > “Tokidoki for me” > “Handbag for me“.

There you have it. I’m off to buy a handbag. Well played Lucy, well played.

Experiments in Galvanism

Mad science was invented ages go, and Giovanni Aldini (1762 – 1834) was a certainly a member of the club. This Italian physicist primarily worked on the medical applications of galvanism and used to tour across Europe electrifying human and animal bodies for the delight of the public. His notoriety peaked in 1803 when he performed at the Royal College of Surgeons in London – using his conducting rods on the body of a hanged criminal named George Foster, he caused the dead man’s muscles to contract and distort. Aldini was made a knight by the emperor of Austria for his fabulous showmanship.

Moving into the modern times, I give you Experiments in Galvanism by mad scientist artist Garnet Hertz. The project implanted a miniature webserver into the body of a dead frog and enabled remote viewers are to trigger a movement in the frog’s legs!

Experiments in Galvanism is the culmination of studio and gallery experiments in which a miniature computer is implanted into the dead body of a frog specimen. Akin to Damien Hirst’s bodies in formaldehyde, the frog is suspended in clear liquid contained in a glass cube, with a blue ethernet cable leading into its splayed abdomen. The computer stores a website that enables users to trigger physical movement in the corpse: the resulting movement can be seen in gallery, and through a live streaming webcamera.

An image of the frog’s wired-up innards is after the jump.

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Sparkling Wiggles

Little children. I’d love them if I didn’t hate them so much. They’re capable of such humour as unintentional as it may be. Listen as a little girl’s parent ask her to say “Sparkling Wiggles“. It’s unwise to play this through your PC speakers, it contains language that may be offensive to some people.

[Thanks for the tip Andrew!]

District 9: For Humans Only

I was speaking to a bunch of friends last night and none of them had heard of District 9. That was not the answer I was looking for, considering I didn’t know what the frack it was either. Until now.

Produced by Peter Jackson, District 9 is the directorial debut of Jackson’s protege and South African born Neill Blomkamp. In this mysterious sci-fi flick, it seems that Johannesburg, South Africa has become a haven for refugees, both human and extraterrestrial.

Shot in a faux-documentary style, District 9 is slated for release August 14th, 2009. Check out the uncensored trailer below or watch it in HD at

From the teaser, I assume that the big-ass alien ship has run out of petrol and can’t leave the earth, so it begs the question – why would the visitors from outer space be forced to live in a shantytown when they could stay aboard their ship? There must be more to this and I’m very interested to find out.

The official website with its media-rich interface allows you to either enter the human side or non-human side and provides a lot of information, most of which I don’t understand or know what to do with. I chose the non-human side and entered an obviously false alien ID. Alarm bells started ringing, things were scanned, I was told my connection was being monitored, and got redirected to some company called Multi-National United. The plot thickens…

[via Digital Citizen]

Read Dracula in real time

Binder of beautiful and elegant books, Whitney Sorrow, is posting each entry of Jonathan Harker’s diary (the diary entries make up the Bram Stoker novel Dracula) on her blog on the actual days that the entries are written. She started on the 3rd of May which is Jonathan’s first entry. However, I’m a bit slow on the uptake and only found it today.

It’s a pretty cool way to experience this epistolary novel whether you’ve read it before or not, as you get to experience the action at the same time as the characters do. Read your daily instalment at Dracula but I warn you, one entry a day just makes you want more!