Double-Shot Timewaster: Roly-Poly Cannon & Planet Cruncher

Who ordered the double-shot timewaster with the side order of win?

In Roly-Poly Cannon, you need to fire a load of balls at cute little roly poly men and make them fall to their death. Use the mouse to aim – move it further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire.

And in Planet Cruncher, your secret desire to exterminate worlds has been realised. You need collect a certain number of crystals on each level by smashing together planets of the same type. Use the mouse to draw lines around matching planets to crunch them, then collect the crystals that result.

Play Roly-Poly Cannon | Play Planet Cruncher.

10 Movies Where Cars Were the Stars

There are some movies where car power outshines the pitiful human element. In some instances the vehicle was a vital component to cover up the head-up-ass acting (yes you, Vin Diesel in The Fast and Furious).

Unreality breaks down 10 films where the actors were completely overshadowed by the autos they drove. Vroom vroom.

Broken Picture Telephone

Did you play Broken Telephone as a child – I certainly didn’t but then again it isn’t always about me is it? Now, Broken Picture Telephone is the made-for-web incarnation of the old game, with a slight variation.

It starts off with some words to describe a scene.

This is followed immediately with an attempt at drawing out the words.

Someone then describes what they see in the picture. This done without seeing the original set of words.

That is followed by an attempt to draw out the words.

Someone describes what they see in the picture. Once again, this done without seeing the original set of words.

The sequence repeats until the game is over. No one is able to see the progression of the game until it ends. See how this Orangutan game ended – it’s quite funny.

If you want to join a game, head to Broken Picture Telephone and sign up (it’s free).

Update (March 6th, 2009): Our intrepid doodler Lucy Furr has gotten involved in the game – see her contributions.

More Horrific Russian Tats: Kitty Gets Inked

Just the other day we posted an article on tattoos that look like they were done by the number two tattoo artist of all Kazakhstan.

We’ve seen people do some crazy things, and it’s all good when they do them to themselves, but we draw the line when they start doing crazy shit to defenseless animals. A heartless Russian Sphynx owner had their beautiful white cat emblazoned with a large (and pretty crappy) Egyptian-style tattoo. I hope that someone grabs the nasty woman and tattoos an equally large and crappy tattoo on her chest against her will.

If you couldn’t tell by the in-you-face watermark, you can find more images at Balkanpix – via Neatorama.

The Hyena Men of Nigeria

Remember this photo? How could you not – it’s the black Mad Max with his bad-ass hyena. I knew it was from Nigeria but I didn’t know anything else, til now. The man is part of a group called Gadawan Kura or ‘hyena handlers’. These men were rumoured to be bank robbers, bodyguards, drug dealers, and debt collectors. Myth had surrounded these men until South African photographer Pieter Hugo visited Abuja in 2005 to and seek them out.

The men, a little girl, three hyenas, four monkeys, and a few rock pythons made up a group of minstrels who wandered the towns of Nigeria, entertaining people and selling traditional medicines. Over the 8 days that he spent with the performers, Hugo took photos whenever an opportunity presented itself. He returned two years later to engage with the group again.

Here are some of this portraits.

The full story is available at | More photos available in Pieter’s gallery.

Mega-Mashup: Kutiman Remixes YouTube

This is quite amazing. Incredible really. Israeli funk musician and producer, Kutiman, has collected dozens and dozens of unrelated sounds from YouTube clips and has masterfully mixed them together. The 7-track album Thru-You is the result of his labours.

Watch the slick mega-mashups at Thru-You – via Buzzfeed.

Edit (March 5th): The overwhelming response resulted in site running out of bandwidth. It’s down temporarily. In the meantime, the videos are on YouTube.

Nom Nom: Cheater’s Penis Fed to Dogs

Word from The Sun is that a jealous Indian wife got revenge on her cheating husband by slicing off his penis and throwing it out to the dogs!

Raging Kailasben Vyshali, from Mehsana, India, served her husband a cup of tea after he returned from a booty call session with his mistress. The tea was spiked with sleeping pills, and whilst husband slept, Vyshali sliced his penis off with a razor sharp blade and threw it into the street. A pack of stray dogs quickly snapped up the unexpected treat.

“The hospital managed to save his life but the rest of him was never found. He’s certainly never going to cheat again,” said one doctor.

Well said that doctor. Let this be a lesson to our Indian readers – if you’ve been stepping out on your missus, kindly refuse the beverage upon returning home.

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