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Cheating Man Busted on Google Street View

The internet, like a double-edged sword, is, erm, double-edged. It (the Internet not the sword) can be full of porn interesting articles to captivate just about anybody. With so much information seemingly available for free, the Internet can also lead to your humiliation and demise. A British man experienced such a demise when his adulterous ways got uncovered by none other than Google Street View.

The man’s wife was using Street View to snoop on a female friend’s home when she noticed her husband’s Range Rover parked outside another woman’s house. Her husband told her he was away “on business” but she recognized the blinged-out hubcaps on his Rover. The woman is understandably furious and has contacted her divorce lawyers.

Seems like a credible story no? The Sun thought so (and so did Fox News and CNET) but it was all a hoax perpetrated by this man, Idiot Forever. I tip my hat to you, sir.

Indian Sewer Men: The Worst Job in the World

Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs has had his fair share of doing downright nasty jobs, but he makes good cash, wears the correct protection, and has a fancy home to go to after filming is done. Spare a thought for Ramesh Sahu, a sewer technician who works for the sanitation department of Calcutta most likely makes fuck-all cash and is doomed to do this job for the rest of his life.

Several people, like Ramesh have to clean out the sewers without any protective gear, and many die from deadly diseases and noxious gases from the depths below. Apparently Government guidelines says that helmets, gloves, and goggles should be worn, but the third-party contractors who hire these slumdog sewer men don’t seem to take much notice of rules.

See more images at The Telegraph. [via A Welsh View]

Play GlueFO2

Another time waster delivered just in time for your lunch break. In GlueFO2, it seems that a manufacturer of intergalactic spaceships has fallen prey to the economic crisis and could not afford to fit conventional weaponry on your GluVex 3000. However, you do have a force field generator that you can use to pick up small red orbs and shoot them at the bigger , unfriendly orbs. You complete the level when the big orbs have been smashed into tiny orbs.

Use the mouse to control your GluVex 3000, and left-click will fling the orbs from your vehicle.

Play GlueFO2 at Kongregate.

An Honor Code Violaton

This would ring a bell for all the men who stayed in university residences whilst trying to complete their Bachelor of Alcoholism degrees. I’m proud to say I’ve never witnessed dudes jerking off in the shower, but is seems the University of Michigan is fed up with unruly semen clogging up their pipes. They have made adjustments to their honor code, outlawing masturbation in the showers:

Found via YesButNoButYes.

Onelargeprawn Gets a New Look!

*This is not an April Fools joke*

Onelargeprawn has been online for just over 3 and a half months now and we (OK, me. Lucy Furr hates change) decided to change the look of the blog and add a few features so you, our dear readers, can have a richer experience.

Our new spanking theme is called Magazeen and was created by WeFunction Design Agency and released by Smashing Magazine. We’ve modified it and added a few bits and pieces:

  • Threaded comments – No more having to use the “@” symbol to reply to a specific commenter. Our previous theme did not support threaded comments, but our new one does. You’ll find a Reply link next to each comment. If you want to reply to as specific comment, click the link and type your comments – it’ll be shown in the right place.
  • Editing comments – You’ve just submitted a comment but have made a misteak and wish you could correct it. No need to wish anymore, you’ve now got 5 minutes after submitting a comment to make any changes you need.
  • Social bookmarking – After each full post, you’ll see icons for some of the popular social bookmarking sites. If you’d like to spread the post around the Internet, click the specific icon to submit the post to that social bookmarking site. We’ve included Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Technorati,, and Reddit. Note that you’ll need to be registered with the site to submit posts to it.
  • Featured content – On the sidebar, you’ll notice a new widget called Featured News. Here you’ll find links to the articles that we especially liked. Our most recent articles has moved to the top of the page and the list of categories is now at the bottom of the page.

That’s about it for the time being, but we’ll be adding new features as we go along. Let us know what you think of the new theme – likes, dislikes, general comments, or any bugs you may have spotted.

(Head of Public Relations and General Sanitation, Onelargeprawn blog)

Electric Cigarettes

On the topic of smoking gadgets – here’s one that offers you a nicotine high with none of the side effects or nasty additives.

Apparently you can smoke electric cigarettes (which are battery powered) indoors at work and in restaurants because they use pure liquid nicotine. So there’s no secondary smoke to harm the people around you.

Check them out on youtube: the new electric cigarette

And check out a full range of products on Smoke51.

The Daily Mail’s article has more information.

1/2 Price: The Legless Rapper

It’s amazing to see the kinds of adversity humankind can overcome. Take 1/2 Price for example. Despite missing the bottom half of this body, this rapper is having the time of his life, hopping around with his homies, playing video games, drinking beer in a kiddies pool, and boning the bitches that have legs. He has even made a rap video.

Found via Buzzfeed.

Must-Have Winter Accessory: Smoking Mittens

Everyone has their vices, and smoking happens to be mine. Be it in the rush hour traffic, or lighting up after a meal, smoking has become a habit which I happen to look forward to every day. But not in winter time. The thought of stepping out the office and into the dreaded cold and rain of Cape Town to have a fag displeases me greatly. But not any more.

Smoking Mittens is pair of gloves that not only help you keep your hands warm, but has a metal eyelet perfect for holding a cigarette. An added bonus is that they’ll keep your hands safe from the nasty nicotine smell. It’s a must-have winter accessory for the discerning smoker.

Smoking Mittens are available at Suck UK – via CrunchGear.

Whatch What You Put Ina

The Overproof Sound System is a collective that hail from Birmingham, UK and started out in 1998 as monthly reggae night called “Overproof”. Since the seventies, reggae music had become ghettoized and Overproof nights provides a party for the crowds that sought to have a good time without experiencing the violence.

Made up of Jah Grizzly, Juggla, Messenger Douglas, Conrad Kelly, Mighty Magoo, and Stallion, the Overproof Sound System focus more on ganja than gunplay, on peace and good vibes, and bringing reggae-style rhythms back to the masses.

The irie single Whatch What You Put Ina is taken off their 2004 album Nothing to Prove. Check it out.

Visit the Overproof Sound System at MySpace – via Horkulated [NSFW].

Coming Soon: Stem-Cell Boob Jobs

The debate over the use of stem cells is usually a heated one, and to add more fuel to the fire is a new stem cell therapy that offers “natural” breast augmentation, with a reduction in stomach fat as an added bonus. The treatment involves extracting stem cells from spare fat on the stomach (or thighs) and growing them in a woman’s breasts.

The stem-cell enhanced breasts would feel more natural as the tissue would have the same softness as the rest of the breast, and there won’t be any leakage as might be the case with foreign implants. An increase of one cup size is the likely outcome, and the cost of the procedure is GBP 6,500.

No doubt, it’ll only be a matter of time before men too can use their spare fat deposits to augment their wangs (no offense to anyone people called Wang). The term “hung like a horse” may soon become commonplace.

Read the full article at the Times Online – via Asylum.

PS: Can anyone guess whose mammaries are shown in the photo?