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Must-Have Winter Accessory: Smoking Mittens

Everyone has their vices, and smoking happens to be mine. Be it in the rush hour traffic, or lighting up after a meal, smoking has become a habit which I happen to look forward to every day. But not in winter time. The thought of stepping out the office and into the dreaded cold and rain of Cape Town to have a fag displeases me greatly. But not any more.

Smoking Mittens is pair of gloves that not only help you keep your hands warm, but has a metal eyelet perfect for holding a cigarette. An added bonus is that they’ll keep your hands safe from the nasty nicotine smell. It’s a must-have winter accessory for the discerning smoker.

Smoking Mittens are available at Suck UK – via CrunchGear.

Whatch What You Put Ina

The Overproof Sound System is a collective that hail from Birmingham, UK and started out in 1998 as monthly reggae night called “Overproof”. Since the seventies, reggae music had become ghettoized and Overproof nights provides a party for the crowds that sought to have a good time without experiencing the violence.

Made up of Jah Grizzly, Juggla, Messenger Douglas, Conrad Kelly, Mighty Magoo, and Stallion, the Overproof Sound System focus more on ganja than gunplay, on peace and good vibes, and bringing reggae-style rhythms back to the masses.

The irie single Whatch What You Put Ina is taken off their 2004 album Nothing to Prove. Check it out.

Visit the Overproof Sound System at MySpace – via Horkulated [NSFW].

Coming Soon: Stem-Cell Boob Jobs

The debate over the use of stem cells is usually a heated one, and to add more fuel to the fire is a new stem cell therapy that offers “natural” breast augmentation, with a reduction in stomach fat as an added bonus. The treatment involves extracting stem cells from spare fat on the stomach (or thighs) and growing them in a woman’s breasts.

The stem-cell enhanced breasts would feel more natural as the tissue would have the same softness as the rest of the breast, and there won’t be any leakage as might be the case with foreign implants. An increase of one cup size is the likely outcome, and the cost of the procedure is GBP 6,500.

No doubt, it’ll only be a matter of time before men too can use their spare fat deposits to augment their wangs (no offense to anyone people called Wang). The term “hung like a horse” may soon become commonplace.

Read the full article at the Times Online – via Asylum.

PS: Can anyone guess whose mammaries are shown in the photo?

Pure grossness

I’m not generally one of those precious overly-squeamish girly girls, but this piece of nasty did make me feel a little faint. Staff at an aquarium in the UK had been puzzled by the mysterious nocturnal savaging of a reef and it’s inhabitants. So the staff decided to lay a trap, and this is the thing that they caught.

It’s a four-foot long polychaete worm that has been named “Barry”. I don’t know about you, but I would have named it something a bit more fitting like “Jabba” or “Freakshow”.  Apparently these worms are capable not only of devouring large pieces of coral and small tropical fish, but also of inflicting permanent numbness on humans. So remember this the next time you’re enjoying a little snorkel in some tropical paradise – you could be the victim of a permanent numbness attack by one of Barry’s free-ranging cousins.

I found this story here.

F for Fail: Cheerleading Bloopers

Normally cheerleaders (even the male ones) are super-accurate when it comes to executing their routines. However, there are times when the stacks go wrong and cheerleaders come tumbling down. This is a compilation of those moments. Enjoy.

M&G Poll Predictor

This is the new cool toy from the M&G Online – take a quiz and the M&G will tell you which party to vote for.

It isn’t all that accurate because the questions aren’t weighted, but it’s fun, and will give you a general idea of how well a party’s policy aligns with your beliefs.

Editors note: Go to the vote predictor or click here.

Earth Hour 2009: News Round-up

So Earth Hour came and went this past weekend. Created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia, the goal of Earth Hour was to raise awareness of climate change and asked people around the world to collectively switch off their lights at 8.30pm on March 28th for 1 hour. Here are some of the news stories around Earth Hour 2009:

If you have any local stories, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.

The Most Controversial Films of All Time

Oh the good ol’ under-age days. I remember coaxing one of my older brother’s friends into buying me a ticket for the soft-porn flick Basic Instinct, as I skulked around the corner of the movie house. It was a strictly no-under-18 movie, and perspiration ran down my face as the attendant took the stub from my clammy hands and waved me. Oh yes, I was so excited that I walked straight into a wall of the darkened movie hall, but no matter I was going to see Sharon Stone’s glorious snatch on the big screen! At the time, writer Joe Eszterhas and director Paul Verhoeven pushed the envelope with this controversial film of graphic violence, voyeurism, lesbianism, and gratuitous sex.

Basic Instinct is one of those movies covered in Tim Dirk’s article on the most controversial films of all time. Considering some of the other films in this category, Basic Instinct seems like a Saturday morning episode of Sesame Street. See the 10-part article at [NFSW].

Monday Morning Time Waster: Open Doors

Open Doors is a great game created by Kongregate user soapaintnice. The concept is deceptive simple: move your square box from its starting point through some doors to the destination marked by the X. Moving past a door’s pivot will open it, but some doors don’t necessarily open the way you’d expect them to.

The original Open Doors was published in 2008, and #2 was released just the other day.

Play the Open Doors | Play Open Doors 2.

George, The Drug Dealer’s Dog

That little terror you see is George. Don’t let his fluffy look fool you, George has already bitten three people and two small dogs. He’s usually muzzled when taken to the beach; Considering he used to belong to a drug dealer, George seems to have picked up some dubious habits, including doing a shit anywhere he pleases.

We went out to dinner in Pringle Bay and left George at home. Apparently he’s afraid of the dark, so we had to leave a light on in the house, and set the TV to Turner Classic Movies as that’s his favourite channel. This choice surprised me as most of the dogs I know love the Cartoon Network.

Anyways, how was your weekend?