Oscars 2009: Slumdog Millionaire Takes Top Honours

So whilst I was fast asleep dreaming of unicorns vomiting rainbows, the 81st Annual Academy Awards were in full swing. And top dog of the night belonged to Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire which scooped a noteworthy 8 Oscars. The rags-to-riches success story about an orphan who appears on India’s version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire won best film, best director, best cinematography, best film editing, best song, best sound editing, best original score, and best adapted screenplay. In distance second place was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with prizes for best art direction, best makeup, and best visual effect.

And after his stern letter to the Academy, God would have been slightly happier to find out his man Health Ledger won best supporting actor for his role in The Dark Knight.

For the full list of winners, head to the Guardian.

Philosophical Equations For The Modern World

Clever-clogs Craig Damrauer has created what he calls NEW MATH, a series of equations for some of life’s issues and questions.

Ghost Fight!

Ghost Fight is probably the best stick figure animations out there. With its slick style, watching two stick men trying to kill each other hasn’t been this much fun.

Use your arrow keys, mouse, and 1-4 numeric keys to watch the fight from different angles.

See more angry stick people fighting at Stickpage.

Phil Hansen: Strokes of Genius

Phil Hansen isn’t a 100% normal and it shows through his art. He gives pointillism a modern twist.

Bible Intrepretation 2

A mural of the Ku Klux Klan was made by cutting photocopied sections of the bible and arranging them to make the picture.

The Value of Blood

500ml of his blood was used to make this picture of Kim Jong Il on a canvas of 6,000 bandages.

48 Women

Portraits of 48 female murder victims were made and then photocopied 12 000 times. The images were arranged to reveal the man who murdered them, the Green River Killer.


Made by painting the quote “Words that do not match deeds are unimportant”.

Watch a video of Hansen’s work at Wimp.com, visit his website, and check out his YouTube channel.

Video Games vs The Real World

Some people tend to poo-poo video games saying they are aimed at anti-social hermits who’d rather spend more time living in a digital world than in the real one. This is not such a bad thing, according to Games Radar who’ve drawn up some 30 comparisons between video games and the real world, fairly proving that playing in weird and wonderful game worlds is a great escape from the dull real world.

A pudgy Italian plumber who battles the turtle-like Koopa race and rescues the princess versus some boring dude with a spanner who might piss in your sink depending on how you’ve treated him.

Top-heavy, gun-toting, hot-pant-wearing Lara Croft versus some frumpy ladies digging with toothpicks.

Going in guns blazing versus setting in a muddy trench eating mud soup.

For more, hit up the full article at Games Radar.

BONUS: Directed by Frank Budgen, Double Life was a TV spot that aired in 1999 and romanticized gaming culture. Check it out below or go to YouTube.

- thanks Mark!

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