140pedia: Twitter Meets Wikipedia

From the people behind I Can Has Cheezburger comes 140pediaa site that enables users to create and share their explanations of things. Each entry needs to fit within the Twitter 140 character limit.

It’s early days yet but here are some of the better entries:

Milkshake (literary device)

A thing that brings all the males to the grassy field. Also may be, a thing that is drunk by an oil prospecting neighbor.

Douchebag (Noun)

An ape-like male creature w/ a fetish for tiny shirts that show man-nipples. Often overexposed w/ tanning lotion n hair spray.

Brokeback Mountain (Film)

2 non-gay dudes go 2 gayest named mt. ever n learn dey r teh gay. Hot priv. gay love ensues. Str8 guys cry on viewing

Submit your explanations at 140pedia – via Laughing Squid.

Keeping it Real Fake

A sculpture of breasts by Chinese artist Shu Yong designed to increase people’s appreciation for natural curves in a country where plastic surgery is booming. Shu’s work is now being showcased to a rural audience.

I think this may have missed its mark. Upon viewing these oversize mammaries, rural men are going to insist their wives get work done to look more natural.

Image from The First Post – via Buzzfeed.

Nominate Us For The 2009 SA Blog Awards

Everybody Loves a Winner. The 2009 SA Blog Awards are upon us and nominations from the general public started yesterday and will continue until March 14th March 18th, 2009.

In 2008, my old 24.com blog was placed a runner up in the Most Humorous South African Blog category. I’d like to think that our shiny new blog here at Onelargeprawn.co.za is bigger, better, and profoundly funnier. If you like what you see here, and you get some good laughs from the content, please nominate us. Come on – you know you want to! And more than you want to (probably), we want you to because we would love to be winners. And then you can tell everyone you nominated a candidate that you’re actually cool with (unlike most of our political candidates this year).

To nominate us, head to the 2009 SA Blog Awards site, type our blog address in the category (or categories) you think we fit into, fill in your details, and hit Submit.

Alternatively, if you’d like to nominate us for Best Entertainment Blog, Most Humorous South African Blog, and Best New Blog categories click HERE, fill in your details, and hit Submit.

Thanks :)

Work Avoidance Monday: Play Unstack

Working on Monday is like haemorrhoids, I try to avoid it as best as I can. And playing Unstack surely beats a pain in the ass any day. In this physics-based puzzle game by Playcrafter, you control Zeeb to move blocks and photon guns so that the energy balls wake your monster friend.

Play Unstack at Kongregate – via I am Bored.

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