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Play Cubiq

It was a late night of drinking and driving (in Burnout Paradise before anyone decides to get the high horse out the stable). And I’m feeling pretty borken. Luckily I’m in the cubicle that time forgot, so being a non-starter is pretty easy. And I’ve been trying my hand at today’s time waster, Cubiq.

In this puzzle game, you need to connect all the lines on the blocks of the cube to each other. Clicking a block flips it around, and use the in-game controls or the arrow keys to rotate the cube.  The music is so soothing it’s putting me to sleep. Apparently nobody has solved all 10 levels of the game – will you be the first one to do it?

Play Cubiq at Kongregate.

Vida Caption Contest: We’ve Picked a Winner!

Another caption contest has come to and end. This time we asked you to provide a caption for an image from Daniela Edburg’s Drop Dead Gorgeous series depicting how over-indulgence could lead to an untimely death. We’ve had a great response so thanks not only to everyone who submitted their captions, but the dear readers who visit and support the blog. Cheers! :heart:

Our illustrious (and often inebriated) panel of judges – myself, Lucy Furr, and my mistress from the feline world (Mummy cat) – have conferred and picked a winner. Could it be you? Hit the jump and find out!

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Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop

Here at Onelargeprawn we dig desktop wallpapers. It really does brighten up the fiery hell I get plunged into every morning when I switch my work PC on.

Herewith I give you selection of 10 wallpapers that I hand-picked from the 50 available in the articles from Smashing Magazine and Six Revisions; I added a couple of my favourites in as well.

NOTE: 56k users beware – viewing the full images may take an age or kill your PC, whichever comes first.

Click to embiggen.

Etude #1 by PatrickGunderson

Stabilis by miniman

Lush by Jerico Santander and Nik Ainley

7 more wallpapers after the jump.

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Awkward Family Photos

If I could I would burn all the family photos that I was in. It’s not that I hate my family (love you mom, love you dad!) but the years between 1991 and 2001 were unkind to me – a rubbish hairstyle and dubious dress-sense plagued my everyday existence.

I’m certain that that our family snaps would be in great company with those shown on Awkward Family Photos – a collection of weird, off-kilter family photos. So awkward, so magical.

More at Awkward Family Photos.

Sight Unseen: Photos by Blind Photographers

If there was one disability I wouldn’t want to experience in my life, it would be blindness. I’m deathly frightened about that – not being able to see the world around me and being stick in a seemingly endless black hole It’s depressing predicament to me, but blind people have been able to live everyday lives and in some cases create extraordinary works of art.

Sight Unseen is a new exhibit at the University of California, Riverside and shows the works of the most accomplished blind photographers in the world. Here are a few of my favourites:

Pete Eckert

One of Eckert’s techniques involves using a composite body view camera mounted on a tripod. Focusing with notches carved into a focus rail, he throws his studio into total darkness, opens the shutter, and roams the space “painting” his image with light, using flashlights, candles, lasers and other devices.

Bruce Hall

Afflicted with numerous eye conditions, Hall retains highly limited sight. For him, cameras and other optical devices are a means of better perceiving the world around him. “It’s beyond being in love with cameras,” he says. “I need cameras.”

Gerardo Nigenda
…Entre lo invisible y lo tangible …llegando a la homeóstasis emocional

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, the 42-year-old Nigenda calls his images “Fotos cruzados,” or “intersecting photographs.” As he shoots, he stays aware of sounds, memories, and other sensations. Then he uses a Braille writer to punch texts expressing those the things he felt directly into the photo. The work invokes an elegant double blindness: Nigenda needs a sighted person to describe the photo, but the sighted rely on him to read the Braille.

See more at or in the photographer galleries at University of California Riverside.

[via Metafilter]

Dog ‘O’ Matic: Washes Your Pooch

Doing the laundry is a drag and thus washing machines were invented. It appears that washing one’s household pet has become a chore as well, so a French Entrepreneur Romain Jerry has created the Dog ‘O’ Matic, an automated dog-washing machine. The wash takes 30 minutes in total – 5 minutes for the wash, and 25 minutes for drying the animal. Apparently it is rare for dogs to get agitated during the wash, but if this becomes the case, the door can easily be opened at any time during the wash.

I foresee a whole bunch of dog-washing launderettes opening up. I also imagine certain tweaks that can be applied – for our “dog-as-food” cousins across the seas, it can be renamed to the Dog ‘O’ Roast – 5 minutes to de-hair the dog, and 25 minutes to roast it to perfection ;-)

[via iBored]

Video Game Preview: Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment of the Terminator series, features stars the tantrum-throwing Christian Bale as John Connor as he and his human allies fight against the relentless robot armies of Skynet. This sci-fi post-apocalyptic war film set in 2018 is directed by McG and is slated for release in South Africa on June 5th, 2009. But enough about that, let’s talk the upcoming third-person shooter that will tie-in with the movie release.

Developed by Swedish game studio GRIN, Terminator Salvation will be a cover-based shooter whose story takes places two years prior to the film and shows the rise of John Connor through the soldier ranks to rightful place as the leader of the resistance. In that respect, the game’s story is an interquel (big words I eat them for breakfast!) that fits between Terminator 3 and the forthcoming Terminator Salvation movie.

The fight continues after the jump.

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Natalie Portman Gets Trapped Between Two Ferns

Zach Galifianakis is an oddball American comedian who latest show Between Two Ferns involves him “interviewing” various victims guests in between two potted ferns.

In this particular episode he has an uncomfortable chat with actress Natalie Portman and her dog, Whiz. Topics include how difficult it must have been to communicate with Chewbacca during the Star Wars film to whether Portman shaved her vagina for “V for Vendetta” along with her head. Check it out.

That was very uncomfortable. Like waking up naked and finding Ricky Gervais is spooning you. Euch.

See more episodes after the jump.

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Blu-ray Review: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

In 2005, you followed the antics of an endearing bunch of New York City zoo animals who journeyed from captivity from to the jungles of Madagascar. Now roll on the sequel, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, where it is time for Alex the lion (voiced by Ben Stiller), Marty the zebra (Chris Rock), Melman the giraffe (David Schwimmer), and Gloria the hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith) to leave Madagascar and head back home to New York. The self-engrossed lemur King Julien XIII (Sacha Baron Cohen) and trusted advisor Maurice (Cedric the Entertainer) tag along as well. They’ll be flying aboard the rickety Air Penguin airline, where safety comes last. Piloted by always entertaining Skipper (Tom McGrath) and his fellow penguins, the airplane experiences trouble mid-flight, and crash-lands in the wilds of Africa.

More about the African safari after the jump.

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Flash Game Friday: Neon Maze

A little late, but there’s still a good few hours of work to be wasted today and this little gem may just keep you occupied til you knock off.

In a similar theme to the Hue Test I posted earlier, Neon Maze is a colour-based puzzle/strategy game where you need to guide your ship through a glowing labyrinth to the exit. The coloured walls aren’t just for show – you’ll need to change your ship’s colour to that of the wall to pass through it, for example, touch a red gear to colour your ship red, and move through red walls. Touching a wall that is a different colour that your ship will result in a shock and a reduction in the points you’ll get at the end of the level.

Anyone who has trouble with colour perception (oooh ooh pick me!) may have some difficulty with this game.

Try get through 25 levels of Neon Maze at Newsgrounds.

[via Jay is Games]