My Little Pony Mods

I know what you’re thinking. I too didn’t know that there was whole niche group for modding My Little Ponies. Furthermore, loving this stuff doesn’t make you gay m’kay? OMG My Little Edward Scissorhands is soooo cute.

More custom ponies in Mari Kasurinen’s Flickr set – via Zoomdoggle.

The Happiest Monster

The Happiest Monster is a lo-fi animation tells the story of a lucky girl who meets a monster. Fright turns to delight as she sees the monster’s happier side and embarks on a journey that has a profound effect on her life.

See what I mean below or go to YouTube.

Found at Kontraband.

Q&A: Why Does Steam Come Out of my Vagina?

Another classic question from Yahoo! Answers, where a troubled lady person, e!mily, has steam emanating from her vajajay when she sits down on the toilet. Rather than consulting a doctor or a neighbourhood steampunk designer, she asks the Internet for explanations.

ok, so i know this is really gross, but sometimes when i sit down on the toilet it looks like steam is coming out of my vagina. am i gonna die or do i have like this crazy weird disease? i;ve been searching the internet and i cant find anything. can someone explain this to me.?!?!?

Here are some of the replies:

  • Next time this happens, place a ceramic cup with 1 spoon of Nescafe Gold Blend, 2 sugars and a dash of milk between your legs.
    Bon Apetite!
  • You won’t die, but some ancient cultures believe in a pillow monster that lives in your vagina. This isnt acknowledged in modern medicine, however, the steam could be caused be the troll exhaling.
  • It’s a raptor on a locomotive, attempting to rob you of your precious eggs. You must stop him at all costs if you ever want children.
  • The little pussy that could!
  • Do you have red hair? I heard once ” fire on the top… fire down below!”
  • That’s hot.
  • OH NO! Steam coming out of your vagina can only mean one thing…..that the Dark Lord Sauron is forging another ring of power from within you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is there a choo-choo in your hoo-hoo?

See the list at Yahoo! Answers – via Buzzfeed.

I am a Super Hero!

Now this is fun time-waster. With a new online hero generator called “The Hero Factory”, you can build you own super hero from the ground up, with several options for facial types, upper body and lower body costumes, suit colors, weapons, and accessories. The 80’s throwback soundtrack is an excellent touch.

Like all hormonal men, I long to be a super hero. I certainly couldn’t be one at work though. The only place to change into my body-hugging, crotch-enhancing supersuit would be in the toilets, and the noxious fumes in there would knock me the fuck out!  With that in mind, here’s my attempt:

Don’t let the trident fool you, his special weapon is in the rear – his farts come straight from Satan’s bottom.

Create your own super hero at The Hero Factory. And drop us a line if you’ve made one you’re especially proud of.

EyeBorg: Filmmaker to Put Camera in His Eye

At the age of 13, Rob Spence injured an eye in a shotgun accident. Over the years his eye deteriorated and three years ago he it removed and replacted with a prosthetic one. The 36-year old Canadian filmmaker, with the help of unemployed engineer, Kosta Grammatis, plans to make history with The Eyeborg Project – embedding a video camera and a transmitter in Spence’s prosthetic eye.

Once implemented, Spence will become a lifecaster, recording the world as he sees it. The device won’t connect to his brain so he won’t be a bionic man; it’ll be more like “little brother,” someone who’s watching and recording every move of those in his field of vision.

Add in some more jiggery-pokery, and Spence will be able to see through clothing and cheat at card games ;)

Read the full article at | Video [first attempt at creating the eye].

Gasp! A Non-Nude Ad from PETA

The only reason you I pay any attention to PETA is because of their titular ad campaigns. Going vegetarian has a flitting appeal as long as there is a stunner flashing her naked hindquarters at me.

But this new anti-fur ad featuring the voices of P!nk and the chubby funnyman Ricky Gervais has certainly taken a new direction. Click play or go to PETA.

What do you think about it? Nekkid models versus skinned animals that talk. It’s a tough sell.

Scooby Doo Alternate Ending

Find more sketches from the warped mind of Tom Bland at Maneggs.

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