I Heart Bandage and Scab

Oh god I do love picking scabs so much so I even offer to pick them off other people’s pets. Dogged determination pays off when you’ve gently prised the scab from a healing wound to reveal the mild wetness underneath.

Purple Flavor obviously identify with us “scab-o-philes” and have created a new plush toy, Bandage and Scab.

Hey everybody my name’s Crustopher the Scab. I’m that best friend you just love to pick on. I come complete with a blood-stained bandage. “It’s my blanket!” Hold me, tickle me, nibble my crispy edges, just don’t forget I’m a part of you. Do you have a place in your heart for a Scab?

Aww, Crustopher is too cute.

Found at Playboy Millionaire.

Russian Bank Hires Strippers

The economic crisis has hit everyone pretty hard, so companies have to think of new ideas to stay ahead of the slump. One Russian bank has hired strippers to dance in the windows of their building to attract new customers and gain some media coverage. It certainly got my attention.

No word whether opening a new account will score a free lap dance.

Read the full news article at English Russia – via A Welsh View.

Muto, A Fantastic Wall-Painted Animation

This is totally awesome/weird/hypnotising. Muto is an animation by Italian graffiti artist BLU and is painted on public walls in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche).

And here’s a small gallery of the frankly very odd things he’s painted on walls in different parts of the world.

More at Blublu.org – via Design Boom.

Link Loving – March 18, 2009

Link Loving

We’ll know tomorrow if Team Onelargeprawn has made it into the next round of the SA Blog Awards. In the meantime, here are some links.

Perfect Balance: New Trials

Woohoo!  I completely loved the first Perfect Balance game. Lucy Furr wasn’t impressed but that’s because she busy smoking fags and chasing your boys when she should have been attending physics class. Ah, but I digress.

In the latest version of the physics puzzle game by ttursas, aptly titled New Trials, you rotate and stack shapes once again in the pursuit of perfect balance. There are 30 new frustrating levels!

Play Perfect Balance: New Trials at Kongregate.

Cape Town Ablaze!

I love my sleep and can usually drown out most distractions – the snoring, sounds of gunfire, the kitties trying to get under the sheets. The sweet sounds of the alarm clock and delicate aroma of cooking oats that I usually wake up to got replaced with wailing police sirens and choking smoke. I thought I woke up in someone else’s nightmare but the situation is all too real.

Cape Town’s ablaze, the mountain is dotted with fires, residents in Vredehoek have been evacuated, and I’ve been sneezing like a motherfucker. Altogether not a very happy situation.

Here are some pics.

Image credit: Short-sighted Shooter

Image credit: TristanOwen

Image credit: coda

More than a 100 fire-fighters are busy battling the blaze that apparently began in area of bush and grass on Table Mountain behind the University Of Cape Town and near Vredehoek. Three firefighters have been injured thus far. Our hearts go out to the people and animals affected by the blaze.

See more images at Imod, read the news story at News24 and IOL, and keep up with the Tweets.

Update: So it’s a few hours later and the fire carries on. Ash is all over the place, and four helicopters are flying through the smoky skies. Feels like I’ve smoked a carton of ciggies. Euch. Here’s a quick snap from my house.

According to the latest article on News24, two bergies sustained third degree burns, five firefighters were injured, 60 people were evacuated, no property had been damaged, and De Waal drive will be closed for most of the day.

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