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Make the Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby!

French electro group Make The Girl Dance have released their new racy video for their hit single Baby, Baby, Baby.

It’s great if you like looking at streets and buildings in the city of Paris, or you like seeing naked women, or you have an insatiable appetite for black censorship bars. See there’s something in it for everyone. Hell it’s French, it’s sexy girls – how could I not post it? Also it’s Friday and I’m running on fumes. See the video below [NSFW].

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Air Sex Championships: Fake it for the Win!

It’s Friday and what better than to start it off with sex. And not just any run-of-the-mill sex, oh no, we’re talking AIR SEX! That’s right, come (oyi bad choice of word there) the month of June, several American cities will be hosting the this year’s Air Sex Championship where horny hopefuls take to the stage and simulate sweet and/or filthy sex with an invisible partner. Unsurprisingly air sex was first invented by those perennial weirdos, the Japanese.

Entrants can choose their own music and can get naked depending on the laws of the state they’re in. Food is usually served at these competitions, so orgasms have to be simulated.

Check out a clip of the Air Sex Championships at Fantastic Fest 2008. It’s like playing air guitar but with a happier ending ;-)

More info, pics, and videos at Air Sex.

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Listening in at a Russian Exorcism

Lucy Furr brought topic of exorcism up at the dinner table. I would have given her my patented “WTF?” look but my face was happily buried in my food. She talked about listening to a recording of a russian exorcism and the horrific sounds that came with it. With my interest piqued, a quick google revealed the clip at Paranormal Phenomena.

In May 1st 2004, Eugene Safronov, an assistant to one of the exorcists in the Russian Orthodox Church, made a chilling recording of an actual exorcism that he bore witness to. A 16-year old girl is being held down in a chair by her mother whilst a priest stands over her reading the rite of exorcism. As he proceeds, the girl starts to struggle as if the priest’s words are burning her.

The girl struggles violently, her groans becoming inhuman howls and deep, guttural moans of psychological pain. Then she lashes out at the priest, and in a voice that seems not to be her own, spits words of defiance.

Toward the end of the recording, the girl, with an unearthly voice, shouts something in Russian at the priest. The translation, Eugene says, is, “I am not leaving her! I am not!”

Click play to listen to the extraordinary recording. WARNING: If you are easily upset or have a nervous disposition this may lead to a pants-shitting experience. I was fine as I had done a poo earlier.

That was pretty freaky. I’m off to my happy place now.

BONUS: Listverse goes through the top 10 most incredible recordings from the only recorded true castrato, to Florence Nightingale, to the last 30 minutes of the Jonestown massacre.

Competition: Win Watchmen Graphic Novel!

Note: This competition has ended.

“Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon.” It’s with this unflinching quote from Rorschach that we happily announce another smashing competition here at Onelargeprawn.

Courtesy of local comic-book emporium Outer Limits, one lucky winner will walk away with the hardcover edition of one of the most influential graphic novels of all time, WATCHMEN! It’s an award-winning epic from writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons that recounts the fall from grace of costumed crime fighters in an alternate 1985 America. Tension between the USA and the Soviet Union is at an all-time high and it is against this backdrop that masked vigilante Rorschach and a ragtag group of superheroes attempt to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes.

Find out how you could win this amazing graphic novel after the jump.

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Reach: An Endearing Short Film

Organized by the Festival de Cannes and in its fifth year, the Short Film Corner is a 10-day forum for short filmmakers from around the world to showcase their short films to potential buyers and festival programmers.

Reach is one such short film, and is one of 10 finalists in the National Film Board of Canada’s online competition at this year’s Short Film Corner. Created by Australian animator Luke Randall, Reach tells the story of a tiny robot who wants to experience the outside world but a limitation is holding it back. I don’t think I need to tell you about the symbolism here.

It’s wonderfully animated, check it out.

The films from all 10 finalists are on YouTube. Internet votes will decide the best film, so vote for your favourite. The winner will be announced May 21st, 2009.

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Play Cubiq

It was a late night of drinking and driving (in Burnout Paradise before anyone decides to get the high horse out the stable). And I’m feeling pretty borken. Luckily I’m in the cubicle that time forgot, so being a non-starter is pretty easy. And I’ve been trying my hand at today’s time waster, Cubiq.

In this puzzle game, you need to connect all the lines on the blocks of the cube to each other. Clicking a block flips it around, and use the in-game controls or the arrow keys to rotate the cube.  The music is so soothing it’s putting me to sleep. Apparently nobody has solved all 10 levels of the game – will you be the first one to do it?

Play Cubiq at Kongregate.

Vida Caption Contest: We’ve Picked a Winner!

Another caption contest has come to and end. This time we asked you to provide a caption for an image from Daniela Edburg’s Drop Dead Gorgeous series depicting how over-indulgence could lead to an untimely death. We’ve had a great response so thanks not only to everyone who submitted their captions, but the dear readers who visit and support the blog. Cheers! :heart:

Our illustrious (and often inebriated) panel of judges – myself, Lucy Furr, and my mistress from the feline world (Mummy cat) – have conferred and picked a winner. Could it be you? Hit the jump and find out!

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Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop

Here at Onelargeprawn we dig desktop wallpapers. It really does brighten up the fiery hell I get plunged into every morning when I switch my work PC on.

Herewith I give you selection of 10 wallpapers that I hand-picked from the 50 available in the articles from Smashing Magazine and Six Revisions; I added a couple of my favourites in as well.

NOTE: 56k users beware – viewing the full images may take an age or kill your PC, whichever comes first.

Click to embiggen.

Etude #1 by PatrickGunderson

Stabilis by miniman

Lush by Jerico Santander and Nik Ainley

7 more wallpapers after the jump.

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Awkward Family Photos

If I could I would burn all the family photos that I was in. It’s not that I hate my family (love you mom, love you dad!) but the years between 1991 and 2001 were unkind to me – a rubbish hairstyle and dubious dress-sense plagued my everyday existence.

I’m certain that that our family snaps would be in great company with those shown on Awkward Family Photos – a collection of weird, off-kilter family photos. So awkward, so magical.

More at Awkward Family Photos.

Sight Unseen: Photos by Blind Photographers

If there was one disability I wouldn’t want to experience in my life, it would be blindness. I’m deathly frightened about that – not being able to see the world around me and being stick in a seemingly endless black hole It’s depressing predicament to me, but blind people have been able to live everyday lives and in some cases create extraordinary works of art.

Sight Unseen is a new exhibit at the University of California, Riverside and shows the works of the most accomplished blind photographers in the world. Here are a few of my favourites:

Pete Eckert

One of Eckert’s techniques involves using a composite body view camera mounted on a tripod. Focusing with notches carved into a focus rail, he throws his studio into total darkness, opens the shutter, and roams the space “painting” his image with light, using flashlights, candles, lasers and other devices.

Bruce Hall

Afflicted with numerous eye conditions, Hall retains highly limited sight. For him, cameras and other optical devices are a means of better perceiving the world around him. “It’s beyond being in love with cameras,” he says. “I need cameras.”

Gerardo Nigenda
…Entre lo invisible y lo tangible …llegando a la homeóstasis emocional

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, the 42-year-old Nigenda calls his images “Fotos cruzados,” or “intersecting photographs.” As he shoots, he stays aware of sounds, memories, and other sensations. Then he uses a Braille writer to punch texts expressing those the things he felt directly into the photo. The work invokes an elegant double blindness: Nigenda needs a sighted person to describe the photo, but the sighted rely on him to read the Braille.

See more at or in the photographer galleries at University of California Riverside.

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