Best Horse Racing Game Ever!

We can always expect our friends in the far east to put a slant on things but this could possibly be the greatest horse racing video game ever created.

Japan World Cup tasks the player to bet on the outcome of unpredictable and absurd horse races. Unpredictable is probably an understatement and just *how* absurd is it? Find out below.

The hilarious antics from the game have been compiled into not one, but three DVDs.

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Twerks of Art: Miley Cyrus Dances Dirty on Famous Paintings

The MTV Video Music Awards must have felt like a bad acid trip to some people. Miley Cyrus twerked with teddy bears, gyrated against Robin Thicke’s crotch, and even pretended to pleasure herself with a giant foam glove. You can’t unsee this kind of stuff, but if you missed it click here to watch the hyper-sexual performance.

GIFs of the lewd display were promptly dispatched far and wide on the Internet and it didn’t take very long before Jen Lewis over at BuzzFeed decided it was a good idea to insert Miley Cyrus into a bunch of famous paintings. Georges Seurat’s Sunday afternoon is forever ruined, Edvard Munch’s man now has a reason to scream, and this was not the dinner theatre that Jesus had in mind. Have a look at the twerks of art after the jump.

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Happy Hour

It’s a lazy afternoon, and Yannick sits at CafĂ© AllongĂ©, enjoying his coffee and doodling genitals on photos of people. He’s about to leave when when a beautiful woman enters. Yannick tries to charm the lady, each attempt getting more outrageous than the last, so much that he confuses reality with fantasy. Does he get the girl of his fantasies? Check out Happy Hour below.

Happy Hour was directed by Maxime Paccalet.

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Colourised History

Reddit is home to a great many areas of interests. Want to see animals without necks? Here to you go. Have a hankering for cute guys with cuddly animals? Lady Boners Gone Cuddly has you covered.

What about adding colour to black-and-white photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries? The digital artists over at the ColorizedHistory subreddit use their eye for colour and reference information to emphasize the embroidery work in Buffalo Bill’s jacket, or the fiery disaster that was the Hindenburg, or the crisp blue uniform of a civil war powder monkey. See a few examples of Colourised History after the jump.

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The World is a Different Place in “Pangea Politica”

300 million years ago, Pangea the supercontinent was the dominant landmass on the Earth. Over the course of time, Pangea broke up to form the continents that we see on maps today.

What would a map look like if the lands were clumped back together into the ancient supercontinent, yet maintained the current administrative boundaries for all the countries? Massimo Pietrobon tried his hand at creative cartography and drew Pangea Politica. How different do you think the world would be? Check it out after the jump.

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You Can’t Unsee This: Twerking to Classical Music

The Internet is fascinated with twerking. Google trends reveals that over the past 12 months, South Africa ranks in the top three countries that run web searches for twerk-related content.

Miley Cyrus did it in a unicorn onesie. Nicki Minaj did it in a pool, and even bears have been spotted twerking in the woods. And now, twerking has invaded the highbrow world of classical music. Set to the upbeat Sabre Dance by composer Aram Khachaturian, the Twerking To Classical Music compilation is sure to hypnotise/repulse you.

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It’s all Smiles and Pantsula in the new Basement Jaxx Music Video

To shoot the music video for their upcoming single, electronic dance music duo Basement Jaxx and South African-born director Damian Weilers headed to Alex township. Visuals of motherly love and brotherly friendship accompany the catchy tune, and there’s some fancy footwork too. Check out pantsula dancers Donald Phasha and Envent Mdluli do their thing in What a Difference Your Love Makes.

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Cute Mood Wheels for Ovaries and Testicles

Purveyors of plush internal organs, I Heart Guts created two handy visual guides for when you need to share the inner feelings controlled by two rather important glands. While the mood wheel for the ovary goes through a cycle of different emotions, it seems the testicle is uncomplicated and single-minded. Check them out after the jump.

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Fear of Flying

Dougal has nightmares that he is falling through the sky uncontrollably. Dougal is a bird.

With winter fast approaching, Lucy and Dick make ready to flock off to warmer climates but Dougal heads to the grocers and stocks up on rations. The house-bound Dougal sits in the biting cold, watching horrible re-runs, until one night when he is scared into action. Does Dougal overcome his Fear of Flying and make it to the sunny south? Find out below.

This endearing live-action short film was created by Conor Finnegan from Dublin, Ireland.

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