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We Review: Samsung’s Series 6 Smart LED TV

Time flies when you’re having fun. It was three short weeks ago since we acceptable the challenge of Mission Samsung. For this specific challenge we were sent a 40” Samsung Series 6 Smart LED TV and tasked with a set of missions. In case you missed them, you can catch up on missions one and two. What follows is some of our notes that didn’t make it into the missions and a wrap-up of our experience with Smart LED TV.

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Blackboard Wars II: Stop Motion Fun

Stop motion animation is something that’s been part of our entertainment for a long time, so it’s fun to see a creative take on it. This particular well-shot fun short film come from Japan, and is called Blackboard Wars II. It mixes up live action with blackboard animation, and does so with brilliant effect.

And if you liked that, there’s more of that sort of thing where it came from.

[via WTF Japan Seriously]

Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Hands up those of you who had never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before this year. That’s a lot of hands, but not as many as I’d expected. Those who follow Marvel’s comic universe—and the Avengers in particular—will be more than a little aware of the Guardians, but those who know Marvel for simply Spider-Man or The Avengers have something wonderful in store. Come, let me tell you about it.

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OMG, Exercise!

Last week, I received details of the second mission in Mission Samsung‘s blogger challenge and a certain word sent a shiver down the uneven musculature of my spine.



Exercise. The closest I’ve come to exercise is wearing a t-shirt with the word on it. Eggs are sides for bacon, amiright?


Honestly, I get tired just thinking about it.

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Batman Does Death Metal

Batman rocks out with his cape out in this most hilarious music video. The caped crusader teams up with Robin (drums), Red Hood (bass), and Nightwing (guitar) for a head-banging rendition of Face Fisted by DETHKLOK.

So strong my face is
You punch, break fingers
Kick me, you’re limping
Stab me, you’re bleeding
I am be angerous now
You throwing rock at me
Hit eye and it no hurt me
I’m strong, you’re not
You’re not

The lyrics are extremely fitting for the situations that Batman often finds himself in and the animations are hilarious to boot. Check out BATMETAL below.

[via @Choffel]

We Review: Wayward Manor

Amongst the well-read (and even the not-as-well-read), Neil Gaiman is a familiar name, and renowned for such works as Coraline, The Sandman, and The Graveyard Book. So it’s with some excitement that I discovered that Mr Gaiman was helping to work on a video game. The game—Wayward Manor—is now available for purchase via Steam, and I’ve taken to haunting houses to review it for you. Take my hand and I’ll show you just how wayward an entire manor can get. Read more

Take Me To The Movies

Nothing beats the excitement of watching a movie on the silver screen but at R75 a ticket, it’s hardly the attraction it once was. Catching it on the home cinema certainly diminishes the scale but at least there’s never a queue for snacks, the toilets are clean, and the cinema doesn’t smell of foot. With that in mind, we planned a special evening.

If you’re familiar with Flight of the Conchords, you’ll know that Wednesday night is business time. But for Mission Samsung, we put our romantic interlude aside for a group activity. It’s not what you’re thinking, sies on you :p

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Hello, LED!

You may or may not know but Onelargeprawn has been invited to participate in #MissionSamsung, an 8-month challenge that tasks bloggers to take select Samsung products for a spin. This is challenge 2 and we’ve got our eyes on the 40″ Series 6 Samsung LED Smart TV. In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting about our experiences with it right here.

To start off we wanted to get acquainted with LED TV technology so we tasked Gavin, a tech enthusiast over at Samsung, on a mission of his own. He needed to answer our questions, but keep it as easy to understand as possible and break that tech jargon for normal consumers such as ourselves.

Hit the jump to check out our LED Q&A with Gavin.

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Medieval Armour Barbie

Since her introduction in the last 50s, Barbie has found employment in practically every job industry from the arts and education to science, engineering, and military. She was also presidential candidate. And now, thanks to Jim Rodda from the 3D printing community Zheng3, Barbie can be of service to the King of the Andals and the First Men.

For his project Faire Play, Rodda 3D-printed medieval armour for Barbie with wonderfully intricate vine and rose designs on the pauldrons, tassets, greaves, cuisses, parade shield, and on the total 40 pieces that make up the armour. Check Medieval Armour Barbie after the jump.

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Prince Rupert’s Drop

What happens when you drip molten glass into cold water? You get a Prince Rupert’s Drop. It looks like a tadpole, with a bulbous head and a thin long tail. It also possesses some interesting properties — the drop can withstand blows from a hammer on one end but even the slightest damage to the tail will result in a shattering EXPLOSION. Destin from the YouTube science channel Smarter Every Day films this amazing interaction at 100,000 frames a second. Check it out below.

[thanks Claire!]