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We Review: Lego The Hobbit

TT Games certainly has been busy lately. Not too long ago we reviewed The Lego Movie Videogame, and hot on its heels comes the Lego version of The Hobbit. You might want to refer back to our review of Lego Lord of the Rings, because this is going to be a “what’s different” kind of review. Ready? Good…let’s break some things.

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The Prettiest Cattle You Ever Did See

To simple people like me, cattle are just another delicious source of food. To others, cattle are considered sacred and held as symbols of strength and wealth. Shaka, king of the Zulus, would often breed his Nguni cattle to create different patterned skins for the various regiments in his army.

South African photographer Daniel Naudé has been interested in the role cattle play in societies and over the past few years has photographed the most majectic cows and bulls that you ever did see. Naudé focussed his attention on the Ankole, Zebu, and Brahman breeds native to the countries of respective countries of Uganda, India, and Madagascar. Have a look at some of his photos after the jump.

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We Review: Warlock 2: The Exiled

Hands up anyone who remembers playing Microprose’s Master of Magic way back in the mid-1980s. That few of you, huh? Ok, hands up those of you who regularly enjoy games such as Civilization. Ah, much better! Who would enjoy playing Civilization, but with magical spells, and set across a number of realms instead of a single map? Sceptical? Read on and let me tell you about Warlock 2, a new 4X game and the sequel to the original Warlock: Master of the Arcane. Read more

Plush Wars: Who has the Stuffing to Survive?

The stuffing hits the fan big time in Matt Burniston’s action series, The Mega Plush. The animated shorts tell the story of good versus evil, bear versus sock monkey as the SOC (Society of Chimps) army launch a manhunt for a group of four plush toy vigilantes. Check out the first two episodes after the jump, be warned the second episode does contain exotic dancing of a stuffed nature and could be NSFW.

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Jeff Victor’s Adorable Pop Culture Alphabet

Illustrated alphabets are here, there, everywhere. We love them, and so does freelance illustrator Jeff Victor.

In The Ultimate Pop Culture ABCs, Victor creates an A to Z of wonderfully cute icons from comics, novels, TV, and film. Check them out after the jump.

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Play This: Flappy48

Daniel J. Moran, what have you done?!?! The unthinkable as it so happens. The student of Computer Science at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada has combined two of the most infuriating and addictive games of 2014 — Flappy Bird and 2048 — to create the “ultimate flapping/exponential growth crossover you haven’t been waiting for”. So do not delay a moment longer, play Flappy48 at and experience a whole new level of rage.


[via SA Gamer]

Dvorák’s Symphony No. 9 Gets a Sexy Music Video

Antonín Dvorák must be turning in his grave. In an attempt to give classical music the same recognition as pop and rock, the folk over at B-Classic mash together timeless symphonies with twerking modern-day interpretative dance. The first of such Classical Comebacks is a music video featuring the girls from South Korea pop-dance outfit Waveya as they bump and grind to the fourth movement of Dvorák’s Symphony No. 9. Be amused and/or flabbergasted at the video below.

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Howzat! The Making of Cricket Balls (1956)

From the archives of British Pathé comes a fascinating 1956 short on the craft of making hand-made cricket balls. The clip shows scenes from within Twort factory in Kent where workers start with plain cubes of cork and build it up successively to create the shiny ball that brings delight to bowler and batsman.

Hit the jump to view another historical video on the making of cricket bats, this time from 1939.

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The A to Z of Dance

Dance is a wonderful thing. The late Martha Graham said it was the “hidden language of the soul, of the body.” If the language of dance were to have an alphabet, it might look a little something like this.

Courtesy of i-D Magazine and Diesel, the A-Z of Dance showcases Diesel’s new flexible jean pant, and attempts to educate you on the popular dance styles that you’ve seen and a bunch that you might not be familiar with. It’s a pity that “P” went to pole dancing and not to local favourite, pantsula.

[via HuffPo]

We Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

If memory serves, we quite liked Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in 2010. It seems like an eternity but the wait for the game’s sequel is finally at hand. To recap, during the course of the prior Lords of Shadow game, the protagonist, Gabriel Belmont, had been turned into Dracula, or Dracul, or Drac, or D. Depends on how well you know him (according to Eddie Izzard, anyhow). Despite his death at the end of Mirror of Fate at the hands of his son and grandson, he somehow got better, and the story now continues in Lords of Shadow 2. Is this game meaty and juicy enough for you to sink your teeth into, or is it a dirty neck that’s likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth? I sharpen my fangs and find out.

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