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Cross Your Eyes to Watch This Music Video

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. You are about to experience a wonder of the 90s.

Diverge your eyes to see the Magic Eye autostereogram music video for Black is Good by indie band Young Rival.

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Parallel Parking in Russia

Meanwhile, in Russia…a out-of-control driver turns an otherwise life-threatening drift into an epic parallel parking manoeuvre.

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It Will Be Fun, They Said

What looks like a fun music video takes an unexpected turn when some school goers decide to cut class and spend the glorious day frolicking on the beach. A boy and girl hope to turn their canoodling to coitus in the dunes, but are interrupted in a most disturbing way. See what happens below, but be warned the content is rather graphic.

This PSA was supposedly created for the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia.

Speaking of dumb ways to die, have a look at another of Australia’s unforgettable PSAs.

[via SA Gamer]

A Gathering of Cats

Directed by Makoto Shinkai for Ani*Kuri15, A Gathering of Cats is a one-minute short about the family cat Chobi whose tail has been stepped on one too many times. Chobi gathers the neighbourhood cats and they plan the ultimate cat-tastrophe.

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The Evolution of Lara Croft

Over the span of 17 years and 11 games the body of Lara Croft, our favourite archaeologist-adventurer from the Tomb Raider series has gone through some changes. Here’s an infographic that shows the evolution of Lara from the voluptuous Minecraft character in 1996 to the 2013 incarnation that ditched the exaggerated features for a more realistic look. Check out the changes to her physique and dress sense through the years in The Many Faces of Lara Croft after the jump.

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100 Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

In their “100 Years” series for 2005, the American Film Institute celebrated the best of American cinema by compiling the top 100 movie quotations. This formed the dataset for Flowing Data’s Nathan Yau as he attempted to convert the quips to informational charts.

Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore’s love of certain incendiary devices in Apocalypse Now gets converted into a graph of the love of napalm smell plotted again the time of day, and The Terminator’s foreboding catchphrase is plotted as a recursive event. Have a look at those and more famous movie quotes as charts after the jump.

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Which Alcohol Gives The Worst Hangover?

Comedian George Burns once quipped, “It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth.” If you’re planning a boozer of a weekend, you might be interested to find out which of your alcoholic drinks are likely to give you a moerse babbelas the following morning.

In this short, DNews talks about veisalgia, the congeners that flavour and colour your drinks, and whether you should drink liquor before beer.

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Drones Over O’ahu

I went took a crash course on how to pilot a drone. I crashed, of course.

In the capable hands, UAV drones can capture glorious scenes. Hawaiian Eric Sterman took to the skies with a DJI Phantom quadcopter equipped with a GoPro camera and shot some breathtaking footage of surfers as they rode the huge waves in the Banzai Pipeline on O’ahu’s North Shore. Have a look at the gnarly surf video below.

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Cute and Creative Bingo Card Illustrations

Dirty knees, cup of teas, tickety boo. Not only does the 500-year old game of game have its own set of bingo lingo, several designers have put a twist to the traditional game by creating cute and original bingo card illustrations. Have a look at some of the creative concepts after the jump.

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You’ll Love Zach King’s “Magic” Vines

Los Angeles-based Vine maker Zach King shows us “magic tricks” in his series of quick-cut videos. He makes magic of mundane tasks like dressing up in the morning, frying breakfast, making money, getting into locked cars, and readying himself for bedtime.

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