We Review: Project Zero 2 Wii Edition

The Wii has mostly been seen as a console for kids or casual gamers, and not really friendly to hardcore gamers. Disproving this view is a Wii remake of a PS2 horror game: Project Zero 2 (called Fatal Frame 2 on the PS2). I braved the chills and scares of this haunting game to bring you this review.

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Growing Knowledge: Zack Matere’s Inspirational Google Search Story

Often times I take the Internet for granted. I LOL at mundane things like 2 Hamsters 1 Wheel and Gangnam Style and easily forget about the profound effect the Internet can have.

When his potato crop kept failing, Kenyan farmer Zack Matere turned to the Web for help. He cycled 10 KM to his local Internet cafe and a simple search for “potato disease” produced some life-changing results. Since his discovery, Matere has helped his neighbours and friends gain access to information that they would not have had before. As he says, “Information is powerful but it is how we use it that will define us.”

Matere’s story is told as part of a series called “Google Search Stories”. See it below.

[via Huffington Post]

We Review: Ratchet & Clank Collection

Ratchet & Clank has been one of the Playstation’s most favoured mascots (since the fall of Crash Bandicoot, anyhow), with a series that spans over 11 games and counting, and countless tie-ins and media appearances. Many PS2-era games have been seeing HD remakes for the PS3 (as opposed to simple re-releases), and Ratchet & Clank is the latest in this line.

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Stirling and Hollens Cover Game of Thrones

Musicians Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens weren’t fiddling around when it came to their cover of the Game of Thrones main title sequence. The 140 separate tracks that make up their cover are made up solely of vocals and violin. Hollens recorded over 100 vocal tracks and is seen mouthing off as Stirling plucks her violin like a fiery Targaryen. Have a look at their stirring rendition below.

[via Geekologie]

We Review: Puddle

Physics puzzle games have seen a lot of popularity in recent years, and one of the latest additions is the PlayStation Vita version of Puddle, a game that originally saw release on the Xbox 360 and PS3. I find out if the Vita version is worth the purchase.

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We Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS is the direct sequel to New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. More Mario is never a bad thing (I’ve heard it nosed about that Mario has the most appearances in numbers of video games EVER, but it’s pretty much a case of [citation needed] for that), and games in the proper numbered series are always well anticipated. This time around, the challenge is less on hunting down an errant princess than on collecting as many coins as you possibly can. And you’ll need a lot.

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The Instructional Guide to Dating

Today was the last day of Short & Sweet, a six-week celebration of the short film genre at the Wunderbar Theatre in Cape Town. I don’t know how I didn’t find about it earlier, but I clearly have a knack for missing the obvious.

Graphic designer and filmmaker Siobhan Bowers has a knack for creating fun and relevant instructional videos. Presented in the style of a retro in-flight safety talk, her short film The Instructional Guide to Dating provides ten useful tips for a successful touchdown on the landing strip of love.

Horseplay, Gangnam Style!

South Korean rapper Psy (real name: Park Jae-Sang) is a viral sensation. The music video to his song Gangnam Style about a yokel who tries to impress a lady by pretending to be a dapper man-about-town has been viewed over 90 million times on YouTube.

The infectious charm comes from his comical equestrian-inspired dance move, which has been aptly titled “the horse-riding dance”. If you’re yet to experience it and are in need of a feel-good song, check out Gangnam Style below.

[via @thejessness]

You Won’t Believe It’s Fireworks

In the right light, the long exposure photographs of David Johnson might be mistaken for beautiful sea anemones or flower heads. The photographer was at a fireworks festival in Ottawa, Canada and fiddled with his camera settings to produce some rather unusual photos of the pyrotechnic display above his head. Johnson explains his process:

The technique I used was a simple refocus during the long exposure. Each shot was about a second long, sometimes two. I’d start out of focus, and when I heard the explosion I would quickly refocus, so the little stems on these deep sea creature lookalikes would grow into a fine point. The shapes are quite bizarre, some of them I was pleasantly surprised with!

Have a look at a few of Johnson’s photos after the jump.

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Mad Skills, Yo! The Breaking Bad Remix

If Breaking Bad ever needed a dance theme, this would be it. YouTuber user placeboing uses a selection of sound bites from seasons one and two of the award-winning show to create a catchy ditty that involves some of our favourite characters.

With support from the unhinged Tuco Salamanca, Skinny Pete who can’t spell n’ shit, and the sounds of Don Héctor’s service bell, Walter and Jesse show off their mad skills in the Breaking Bad Remix.

[via Boing Boing]

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