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RADICAL OPENNESS: The Power of Ideas

Filmmaker and forever optimist Jason Silva loves ideas. It amazes him how a tiny spark in an excitable neuron gives life to an idea and how that idea can spread through the vector of language.

Inspired by other forward thinkers of past and present, Silva’s rather psychedelic, inspirational short film RADICAL OPENNESS pays homage to the imaginable and unimaginable power of the idea.

[via Holy Kaw!]

We Review: Spec Ops: The Line

Some people would dismiss Yager Development’s latest game as yet another tired, rehashed third-person shooter where American soldiers go trigger-happy in the Middle East. Those people (including myself) should not be too quick to judge. I wasn’t expecting much at all but what I got was a thoughtful, disconcerting game about the cost of war.

My tour of duty with Spec Ops: The Line continues after the jump.

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Dubstep Dispute

Dubstep is invading our lives. It’s part of Darth Vader’s walk-in music and badgers are exercising to it. Heck, your mom can make dubstep.

This cute animated short from Fluxel Media shows that dubstep solves everything, even disputes between worker droids.

[via @Deems]

Epic Rap Battles: Jobs vs. Gates

Like the Bloods and the Crips, the rivalry between Mac and PC rages on, albeit with a little less bloodshed. But it’s cut-throat nonetheless as Epic Rap Battles of History pits the two champions of the computing world against each other. It’s the nerds versus the creatives but who is the real winner in this throwdown? Find out below.

[via SA Gamer]

Digging in the Deep

The world seems to love Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. It has been covered hundreds and thousands of times on YouTube, and Luc Bergeron even created a music video for the song containing clips of other YouTube users singing it. It’s still surprisingly good.

The animal world is getting in on the act too. In this spoof by The Pet Collective, Pete “Pawdele” feels similarly scorned as his owner steps out the house with her male friend. Check out Digging in the Deep below.

[via The Huffington Post]

The World’s Tiniest Police Chase

From the creative minds who brought you Address is Approximate comes the world’s smallest police chase. The folks over at UK-based production company The Theory use an iPhone and pocket video projectors to create a thrilling high-octane chase scene that takes place around their office.

Check out Speed Of Light, the world’s smallest action police chase.

[via Blitzmatt]

Lights Over Lapland

This labour of love took Chad and Linnea Blakley three years to create. What started out as a summer job in Abisko National Park, Sweden quickly turned into an obsession, and Chad found employment at the park’s Aurora Sky Station. Hunting for the phenomenal light display became his day (and night) job.

His time-lapse video of the swirling aurorae over the Swedish skies is composed from 2,000 hours of footage and is free from any type of colour correction. Have a look at the Lights Over Lapland below.

[via Mashable]

Demented Disney Characters

While we you may have seen them in all sorts of tight underwear or given the macabre makeover, you’d never think of your beloved Disney characters as pimps, hookers, and flashers. CG Hub user Darko Kreculj (TestosteronMan) does just that, re-imagining the ever so cute creatures in their sinister forms.

See TestosteronMan’s dark Disney fan art after the jump.

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We Review: Pandora’s Tower

It seems to my mind that there are fewer decent RPGs in the console world than there used to be, but a new Wii game, Pandora’s Tower, could be challenging that. Is there still life in both the Wii and the RPG genre? I traipsed around the Towers to find out.

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Say What? Pogo Takes on Pulp Fiction in “Lead Breakfast”

From Alice to Skynet Symphonic to Pogo Does Dexter, the Australian DJ and remixer, Nick Bertke, has become known for his new compositions made up of sound bites from films.

In his latest piece of music, Bertke turns his attention to Quentin Tarantino’s humourously violent tale, Pulp Fiction. The combination of Pogo, auto-tune, and infamous Tarantino dialogue makes for an equally violent and obscenity-filled song. Watch as Samuel L. Jackson says “What?” in Lead Breakfast (NSFW).

[via Popped Culture]