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Hilarious Lithuanian Blow Job

Meanwhile, in Lithuania…

Architect-turned-photographer Tadao Cern humourously plays on the colloquial term for fellatio.He blasts a powerful jet of air at the faces of women and records their reactions in super slow motion. See the Blow Job video below.

[via @boingboing]

The Amazing Hyperrealistic Paintings of Jason de Graaf

If you thought the boligrafo portraits by Juan Francisco Casas were photorealistic, you’ll be astonished at the level of detail in the hyperrealistic paintings by Jason de Graaf.

The Canadian painter creates scenes that look as if they were photographed or computer-generated. Instead, he painstakingly applies acrylic paints to canvas to create the illusion. Have a look at some of his incredible, intricate paintings after the jump.

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Blo0p’s Minimalist Superhero Posters

If you’ve recently visited Wallbase, you would have noticed the works of 21-year-old illustrator Andres Romero, or Blo0p as he is known on deviantART. What started out as a simple request from a friend has snowballed into a an extremely large body of work, and Romero’s set of minimalist superhero posters sits at a whopping 129 characters! See a few of those posters after the jump.

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We Review: Awesomenauts

What do you get when you cross an 80s style intro with funky animation, powerups, and insane multiplayer side-scrolling game play? You get Awesomenauts, of course. You could also get a lemon meringue pie if you get the ingredients wrong, but mostly you’ll get Awesomenauts. I took to the battleground to see what this game was all about.

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Terra Sacra

Terra Sacra means “sacred earth” in Latin. In the last six years, photographer Sean F. White travelled across all seven of our continents, to 24 countries and captured his views of ancient structures, sweepings vistas, and beautiful night skies. In his breathtaking short film, White features a collection of time-lapse sequences that he shot during his trips.

Accompanied by an original score by Roy Milner, White’s journey takes the viewer through three distinct acts: (I) Primordial Earth, (II) Past meets Present, and (III) Eternal Universe. Have a look at Terra Sacra below.

[via The Awesomer]

You Won’t Believe It’s Bolígrafo

From first looks, it might seems that these images have been processed with the popular photo-bleaching app, Instagram. But would it surprise you to know that they are entirely hand-drawn?

Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas uses the humble BIC clásico bolígrafo to create some risqué photorealistic portraits. Have a look at some of his ballpoint pen drawings after the jump.

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The Fall of Pinterest

Pinterest is for girls. That’s not an inflammatory statement, the stats say so. According to the numbers, almost 70% of Pinterest users are of the female persuasion.

For the LULZ, the manly jerks over at College Humor decided to launch an all-out attack against the kingdom of wedding dresses and cupcakes. Watch as the Nyan Cat leads the charge of the Internet trolls in The Fall of Pinterest.

[via Mashable]

Sounds Fishy: The Misheard Lyrics of O Fortuna

O Fortuna is one of the most popular bits of classical music. Composed in the mid 30s, the performance opens in bombastic style and descends into a whisper as the choir takes over two minutes to complain about how fate sucks.

For those not versed in Latin, the words of O Fortuna could sound like English words sung rather oddly. And with references to tuna, chicken, Troll Face, Me Gusta, and other popular memes this animated version by YouTube user FamishedMammal plays on that fact.

LOL at the Misheard Lyrics version of O Fortuna below.

Listen to the tune and its proper lyrics (with English subtitles) after the jump.

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The Incandescent Sun

Sometimes the boffins over at NASA like to have a bit of fun. Images of the sun captured from their Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission were enhanced, not to add any further scientific value, but to make them look purdy.

The visualization shows the movement of plasma in the sun’s atmosphere. The corona as it is called reaches temperatures of 600000 Kelvin, or 599726.85 degrees Celsius! Have a look at our beautiful Incandescent Sun below.

To download the images and HD video, travel to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

[via Holy Kaw]

We Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

If you’ll recall, last year I reviewed Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and gave it a great score, praising the gameplay as well as the way that the game covered the details of the story. This year, we have the sequel to the game, titled Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. I fought through hordes of shinobi to bring you this review, so I hope you appreciate the blood I shed for you, dear readers.

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