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We Review: Lego The Lord of the Rings

Traveller’s Tales have been on a roll with the number of quality Lego games they’ve been producing lately, and the latest game in their stable is Lego The Lord of the Rings, based more on the movies than on the books. How does the jaunt across Middle Earth compare as a Lego adventure? I took my trusty Mithril controller in hand to find out. (Please note that this review is strictly for the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of the game. Other versions may differ drastically.)

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Tummy Talk Drum Solo

What happens when three drummers meet up with a chubby Samoan? It seems like a setup for a joke, but it’s something more entertaining. Watch as the musicians thump out a tune using the human body as an instrument in Tummy Talk.

[via Neatorama]

The Cat With Hands

Fluffy might have a sickly sweet look on its face, but know that cats has been plotting the downfall of humanity for hundreds of years. They are devious enough but can you imagine what they would get up to if they had hands? It’d be stuff of nightmares.

British filmmaker Robert Morgan explored the scary idea back in 2001. A mixture of live-action and stop-motion animation, The Cat With Hands opens up with an old man recounting the old folk tale of a fingered feline. See what transpires below.

Bad pussy!

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U is for Uakari

We’ve seen some lovely themed alphabets in the past, including an A to Z of Japan, video games, Star Wars, and oddness.

With her alphabet, illustrator Casey Girard takes inspiration from nature and draws a series of wild animals that not only represent the letters of the alphabet but also are in the shape of them. Her drawings are playful, have a maternal look about them. Check out Girard’s endearing Animals in Alphabet series after the jump.

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A Tour of the International Space Station

We’ve seen some remarkable photos and videos that look out from the International Space Station but not very many that look in.

Indian American astronaut Sunita Williams has spent some 321 days aboard the ISS, as a flight engineer and more recently as a commander of an expedition. She has gone for walkabouts outside and is the first person in the world to do a triathlon in space. In this video, Williams takes us on a tour of the space craft that she has called home for almost a year, showing the different modules, sleeping quarters, kitchens, and orbital outhouses from her perspective. This is most likely the geekiest version of MTV Cribs you’re likely to see.

[via Kottke]

Hot and Steamy

Wikipedia defines the Leidenfrost effect as “a phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid’s boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer which keeps that liquid from boiling rapidly.”

Reading the concept might be boring, but seeing it in action is somewhat cooler. In this little clip, a glowing ball of red hot nickel is dropped into a container of water. Thanks to Leidenfrost effect, the surface of the ball becomes insulated from the water by a blanket of steam. But the effect is temporary, watch what happens when the ball cools.

The Leidenfrost effect has been demonstrated in a few other ways, most notably when the mustachioed Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman dared to dip his little piggy into a pot of molten lead. Have a look at that reaction after the jump.

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Strange Spaceship Skeletons

If you liked Jason Freeny’s anatomical sculptures, chances are you’ll appreciate Josh Lane’s inner look at some pop culture vehicles.

The designer from Kansas City imagines what lies beneath the exteriors of fictional spaceships like the TARDIS with its bony chest and two hearts. Lane sketches similarly strange skeletal structures for Serenity, the NCC-1701, a Colonial Viper, and the Millennium Falcon. Have a look at them all after the jump.

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Humans are Disgusting!

There are some truths better left unsaid. This little animated short by Aaron Rogers clues us in on the more gross workings of the human body. I won’t spoil if for you but Humans are Disgusting!

If you know any other disgusting factoids, do let us know in the comments.

[via Gizmodo]

Further Up Yonder

Since the beginning of the expeditions, the International Space Station (ISS) has been home to scientists and astronauts from around the world.

These people from the United States, Russia, Canada, Italy, Japan, and Germany have worked in mutual collaboration off the earth, for the earth. This is part of the message in Giacomo Sardelli’s wonderful time-lapse video. In it he stitched together photographs captured from the ISS and included short radio messages recorded by astronauts who gaze upon the Earth and see a world without borders. Have a look at Further Up Yonder below.

To see the video in 2K and how it was made, head over to Sardelli’s blog.

[via PetaPixel]

We Review: Assassin’s Creed 3

The latest game in the Assassin’s Creed saga was recently released, and it features a new protagonist to replace Ezio Audittore. Let’s see how well the stabbing, killing, maiming, and adventuring continues, shall we?

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