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Welcome – Welkom – Bienvenue!

Hello intrepid web surfer,

Welcome to my new blog. After being with for 18 months, I’ve branched out on my own. And at, it’s my house, my blog, my rules (it’s good to be king neh?).

Enjoy your stay and feel free to leave a comment.

Cool in the pool,



11 replies on “Welcome – Welkom – Bienvenue!”

You bloody dog you : ) Good job mate, very good job buddy!!!
Keep it up!

Looking forward to this being one of the sites I turn to in time of need ; )

@MAVADO – Hey buddy. Thanks for the visit and the compliments man! Hope you’ll be a regular commenter here. I can offer cake ;)

@Liesl – thanks for the visit. Come back soon you hear? ;)

Looks great Prawn, if you need any hep with anyhing you know the PS3ZA community is always willing (if not always able).

Hey hey hey.
Awesome site OLP!!

This is definately going in the bookmarks! Im really liking the interface man.
Congrats bud and I look forward to contributing.