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A Break in Transmission

The onelargeprawn staff will be away this weekend on a much needed fishing trip. Normal transmission will commence on Monday.

Til then enjoy the weekend, and here are some links to tide you over.

Road kill on Google Maps – Google 1, dear 0.

Yoichiro Kawaguchi’s fanciful squids – Purdy.

Views from the 7 highest peaks – The freshest air.

The test of bravery – Pussy.

Stunning eye candy photos – Don’t read too deep into this.

Amazing paper airplanes – Fold your own.

Fun and unusual units of measurements – MegaFonzie FTW!

15 spectacular lightning strikes – Electifying.

The wristwatch bracelet cellphone gadget – 2-for-1 special.

DIY Bokeh lens hood – for stylish blurring.