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Storage for the ladies…

…and no it hasn’t got anything to do with bras or other breast storing facilities! OK lady readers I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of boobies etc for the week. I mean I’m not against titties – I have them, half (or slightly more) of the world’s population have them, but I like to see the odd useful thing on the web. Anyway I was browsing another great blog – Neatorama – and I came across this cool and handy lamp that doubles as a place to hang your earrings.


The lamp is called the Sophia Lamp, it was designed by Baba Akcja, and the way it works is that the lamp shade has little perforations that you hook or pin your earrings through. I think it’s good looking, functional, and the perfect solution of all those rogue pairs of earring scattered on my bedside table.

sophia-lamp-close up

This lamp looks equally good without the earrings.


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