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Nazis in Colour

Here is a fascinating collection fished from a Life Magazine archive of old Pre-WWII Nazi photos. Apart from the charismatic Hitler and the masses that thronged to see him, it’s amazing how prevalent the Nazi symbol was. Those giant flags were designed the party’s chief architect Albert Speer who constructed a number of structures, including the Zeppelinfeld stadium in Nuremberg where the party rallies were held.

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Find many more at a Russian LiveJournal blog – via Andy’s Blog.

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I usually slept through history class, but yes I do believe these were pre-WWII. The Nuremberg rallies took place between 1923 and 1939 before WWII started. Wikipedia tells us that the 11th rally was cancelled on short notice as Germany began its offensive against Poland (which ignited World War II).

As terrible as it may saound…
I found the whole Nazi thing with Hitler and all the rest rather interesting.

The oke was a Madman, yes. But can you imagine how different EVERYTHING would be if he actually succeeded with his plans.

if you guys haven’t seen hitler: rise of evil yet, i would recommend it. it basically outlines hilter’s rise to power.
although it is a bit weird with the english accents.

well worth a look if you interested in history though

Polisz, I doubt you left a contactable email address (adasd@adsadsa.zz doesn’t quite seem legitimate) but you may be onto something. It’s generally accepted that Hitler committed suicide but DNA tests done on his skull seem to suggest that it’s skull of a woman. So he could be anywhere.

Great pictures. I love the larger then life pagentry and grand style of old Nazi pictures. (It’s that whole genocide and killing anyone that was different or held different beliefs that I have a problem with….) Even George Lucas feely borrowed from Nazi uniforms and designs for Star Wars.
Prawn> der Untertag or Downfall, was epic. A great movie that showed Hitler in a realistic way where he was charming and likeable, and in a split second would lash out into an anti-Jewish tantrum. I have not seen Hitler’s Rise to Power, but from the review on imdb, it is exactly the unrealistic made up nonsense (of Hitler’s true personality) that I do not want to see. From a more articulate imdb review of Hitler’s Rise to Power>” If another Hitler ever arises, it will be thanks in part to nonsense like this film, which propagates the absurd notion that he was a visibly deranged lunatic from the start. Far from following such a person and electing him to the highest office in the land, sane people would cross the street to avoid him, and he would have died in a ditch, nameless and unknown.”

Hitler Rise of Evil is Jewish Propaganda for total idiots. Your a complete uneducated ass to take that crappy attempt at slander seriously.