From the people behind I Can Has Cheezburger comes 140pediaa site that enables users to create and share their explanations of things. Each entry needs to fit within the Twitter 140 character limit.

It’s early days yet but here are some of the better entries:

Milkshake (literary device)

A thing that brings all the males to the grassy field. Also may be, a thing that is drunk by an oil prospecting neighbor.

Douchebag (Noun)

An ape-like male creature w/ a fetish for tiny shirts that show man-nipples. Often overexposed w/ tanning lotion n hair spray.

Brokeback Mountain (Film)

2 non-gay dudes go 2 gayest named mt. ever n learn dey r teh gay. Hot priv. gay love ensues. Str8 guys cry on viewing

Submit your explanations at 140pedia – via Laughing Squid.