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What is on Your FuckItList?

“WTF is a FuckItList?”, I hear you ask? Comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted that he was creating a list of the things he doesn’t need to do before he dies, so it’s the antithesis of a bucket list, and Black decided to call it the FuckItList. He also asked his 80 000+ followers to create their own FuckItLists, which caused a rapturous response, apparently resulting in the term “#FuckItList” to rise to the top on Twitter Trends.

I’ve made a start on my FuckItList:

  • Buttseks – Pushing in stools is not my thing.
  • Winning the lotto – I have reconciled this will never happen.
  • Having Megan Fox for dinner – She probably doesn’t taste that good anyway.
  • Writing a book – I have to actually read a book first.

What’s yours like?