Peruvian-born Jossie Malis is an award-winning illustrator and animator who surely thinks out of the box.

His latest animated project, Bendito Machine III features an ancient civilization and their interactions with modern technology. A village elder discovers a television and the tribe is fascinated with the new object, becoming overly-obsessed, and eventually hailing it as a god. One villager sees its evil nature and must find a way to destroy it.

With its minimalist colors and quirky sounds, Bendito Machine III is full of symbolism and certainly one of the best flash animations I’ve seen.

Edit: It seems one can only watch Bendito Machine IIIon Vimeo, so head there or watch the YouTube version below:

Bendito Machine I and II are after the jump.

Bendito Machine I

Watch this video at Vimeo.

Bendito Machine II

Watch this video at Vimeo.

And visit Jossie Malis at Zumbakamera.