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South African Politics: It’s a Horse Race

This little audio clip got sent to us via email. It’s about South African politics as a horse race, more specifically, the R500 million Presidential Horse Race due to be run soon. Some of the top contenders are Wet Blanket ridden by Kgalema Motlanthe, Corruption ridden by in-form jockey Jacob “Shower Power” Zuma, and a surprise entrant, Genocide ridden by Robert Mugabe.

Who’s going to win? Find out below or download the MP3 file (2.8 MB) from here.

[Thanks Boo]

5 replies on “South African Politics: It’s a Horse Race”

Hey Joshua. When you say you couldn’t get the full version downloaded do you mean the download was corrupted or you’re looking for the full length clip?

i mean i can’t get the full length, i heard the full length, but couldn’t get it to download.

In the post, I have specified a link to the MP3 file that you heard. If you right-click the link, and choose the “Save Link As” you should be able to download it

I’ve just done it now and it works fine.