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What if Bloggers Designed Election Posters?

So I was thinking (bear with me, this doesn’t happen often): if blogs were to become political parties and vie for seats in the upcoming South African elections, what would their election posters look like?

You’ve no doubt seen the myriad of election posters strapped to practically every light pole in your town; some of them have even been given the subversive treatment. I’m tempted to vote for the party with whose poster is right at the top of the pole – they obviously have the best ladders ;)

So the question: if bloggers were to design an election poster for their blog/party, what would it look like, and what kind of message would it convey? I got cracking on this and based on our manifesto “The only thing criminal about us is our sense of humour”, I proudly present to you the OneLargeParty election poster. Click to embiggen.

What do you think?

If any of you local bloggers have created election posters for yourselves, do let us know and we’ll put them up here.