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MyBrute: Fight Me!

Fellow gamer Aftershock9 turned me onto this little gem. MyBrute is a super-cool Flash game that takes up 5 minutes of your day. The way it works is you create a character and fight another person’s character in an arena. You can’t control what your fighter does, their actions are random, and if you happen to choose one with a weapon, they’ll use it to their advantage. So sit back and watch as the fight unfolds.

When you create your fighter, you are allowed 6 initial fights, after which there seems to be a 3-fight cap per day. You can join a clan and if you’ve reached level 10,  you can create your own clan.

You can also challenge friends by typing their name in the arena or visiting their fighter’s profile. You can duke it out with my scrappy fighter at

Here’s a list of the ZA fighters I’ve spotted thus far:

Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list.

25 replies on “MyBrute: Fight Me!”

It’s well awesome. The random weapons are cool too – I’m crossing fingers I get an almighty axe. The huge attack bear would be first prize :-D

I’ll just be honest, NO there is no trick to gain a bear or whatever, it’s pure luck except for the start itself

the game does calculate how much chance you have to win against your MASTER.

If he or she’s got a bear, chances are that you will get one yourself.

Like I said, I’m honest, so take a look at my name. I created around 800 characters myself and now I have around 10 characters with a bear at level one.

So try me and let me know if you got a bear before level 4 (don’t bother after that level, just keep trying untill you got one)

Here’s the brute you will have to challenge in order to increase chances

good luck