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Caption Contest: Win Vida Coffee Vouchers!

Note: This competition has ended.

It’s competition time at Onelargeprawn and we’re hosting another caption contest. It’s winner-takes-all and the funniest caption will win 25 coffee card vouchers to use at the purveyor of most excellent coffee,  vida e caffé.

Our contest image is taken from Daniela Edburg’s Drop Dead Gorgeous series. You can see more of Daniela’s amazing work at

Leave your caption in the comments section – one caption per comment, but you can submit as many comments as you like. Remember to provide a valid e-mail address as that is the one we’ll be using to contact the winner. This competition starts today and will end on May 13th, 2009. It is only open to South African residents.

Much love to Peta at Obrigado and vida e caffé for sponsoring the prize. Muito obrigado! ;-)

57 replies on “Caption Contest: Win Vida Coffee Vouchers!”


I’m a vida e caffé fanboy of note! Knynsa crew’s the best! Double Meia de Leite please! :D

And so Kumiko finally got the answer as to what puts the fridge light off when you close it.

Alas, what’s this? It seems as if a long lost friend was found between the outskirts of the fridge!

Ask not, what you can do to your fridge, ask what your fridge can do to you! vida e caffé

On the quest for fine coffee, one purveyor goes where no others has gone before… vida e caffé

Ocutopasu-san! Shikou wakarimashta desu! Tomedate odaa kakaku KAIMU shochuu?? (Mr Octopus! I thought we had an understanding! Did the restraining order mean NOTHING??)

Suddenly the slutty teenager remembered how badly she sucked just at ‘Stuck in the mud’, so she passed the baton on to the closest successor (who graciously meowed down).

The funny thing about Chinese, no matter how full you are, you’ll be hungry again in half and hour.

Looking to grow big and strong? We introduce, POPEYE’s number 2! Its pure magic in a can!