A Day in the Life Told in Logos

During a typical day we interact with countless brands. Many of us might not notice these interactions, but I certainly am made aware of them when I rock up to the traffic lights in my rattletrap hooptie and idle next to a Porsche Boxter. I wipe the tears off with my Woolworths tie, flip another Marlboro into my mouth, and get out of my car. I stroll over to the driver, casually knock on the window, and as it rolls down, I politely ask him/her for their Patek Philippe watch, Armani sunglasses, and Macbook lest I shoot them dead. Bravado turns to disappointment as they usually laugh and drive away, mentioning how funny and well-spoken vagrants are becoming these days. But I digress…

A woman named Jane decided to chronicle the interactions she has with different brands during a typical Friday from the time she got up to the time she went to bed. See it below.

What would your brand timeline look like? Drop us a comment and let us know.

[via Geekologie]

5 replies on “A Day in the Life Told in Logos”

10:18 confuses me somewhat… i’m guessing she’s puffing on some giggle twig (is that a brand?), then onto her mac then starts having a romp… easy enough, but the half durex logo?

interesting insight though, i think.

Yeah I was also wondering about the half Durex logo – was that a “oops” moment? What does the next morning’s logo’s contain: [early-pregnancy-test-logo] [doctor-logo] ? :)

A quick visit to Jane’s site revealed the answer to the half-condom question:

It is very simple … after all the beer and weed, you are “in the moment” and things break or things don’t last. I thought it was funny at the time …

I think if I had my way it would be something like this: “SAMSUNG SONY SONY SONY RICOFFEE SONY SONY SONY DUREX”