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Death is Fun: Play Super Karoshi

Do feel so overworked that you just want to die? If death by painful spikes is a reprieve from your job, then I’ve got a game for YOU.

Created by Jesse Venbrux, Super Karoshi a suicide-themed platform-puzzler where you must guide your office worker to the end of the level by – you guessed it – killing yourself. It’s counter-intuitive but a whole lot of fun – and blood and guts. Death await in the 60 levels of this game – it’s sure to kill your productivity. :yes:

Play Super Karoshi at Kongregate.

[via Jay is Games]

3 replies on “Death is Fun: Play Super Karoshi”

lol… how do you finnish lvl 61????
after the laptop one on the desk (lvl 60), the screen flashes, then “the end.” appears…
click on the period, the full stop, and another stage appears….
run to the right and jump on the invis block…. then you can jump on the mouth….
after a while the face shakes. then nothing… what do you do on that stage???

Still wrong section…
the part i am describing is after what the walkthrough describes.
the game was super easy.
untill the unpassable ending.