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Mickey Mouse Ungloved: The Horror, the HORROR!

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to think about what ghastly tortures a cow went through to become the juicy fillet sitting on my dinner plate. Ignorance is total bliss.

Equally, I’d prefer not to know who or what the person in the Mickey Mouse costume looks like. Disneyland Paris on the other hand disagrees and decided to unglove the lovable mascot in a bid to “humanize Mickey Mouse”.

Sweet baby Jesus! The hand only has four freaking fingers (alliteration, I knows it ;-)) – and stubby ones at that. What child is going to hold hands with a four-fingered monster? I think this ad has succeeded in offering a potentially human element to Mickey Mouse as much as Syphilis has done to improve your IQ.

What do you think?

[via Copyranter]

2 replies on “Mickey Mouse Ungloved: The Horror, the HORROR!”

I feel the same. The same way I felt when i saw The Simpsons humanised. Homer was freaky as shit.

Oh forfucksakes Mickey Mouse is a digitally (geddit?) challenged dwarf! Eeewwww eeeewww yucky poo. No wonder I never liked that freaky little rodent.