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Your Shot at Fame: World Mouse Clicking Championship

Fancy yourself as clicker? Do people call you the King of Click? Well then my friend, fame is just a couple of clicks away! The Universal Record Database is running the World Mouse Clicking Competition – a throroughly useless game that records the most mouse clicks done in 10 seconds.

C. Williams from Fremont, New Hampshire, was the first to click his way to notoriety with 104 clicks in the allotted 10 seconds, a new world record at the time. Two days later, on June 22d, Ben Hughes from Great Manchester, England topped that score with a smashing 121 clicks!

If you’ve got the talent head over to the official World Mouse Clicking Competition site and give it a try. Limp clickers need not apply.

I couldn’t get more than 68 clicks. How did you do?

[via Zoomdoggle]

9 replies on “Your Shot at Fame: World Mouse Clicking Championship”

LOL…. Yea, hold down the enter key!!! LOL! :rotfl:
with mouse clicks with 1 finger on the mouse button i get 70
with 2 fingers bouncing on the button, i get 114
holding down the enter key… you can get over 200… :P

74 on the last attempt… my clicky finger’s now got a cramp!
good thing its almost home time