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2012: It’s a Disaster!

Some time back we posted about Roland Emmerich’s upcoming disaster flick 2012. If you found the trailer a touch too serious, then here’s re-cut that may just make you feel a little happier.

The folks over at i09 used creative styling and music from the 70s to emphasize the film’s strong points – plane disaster, train disaster, whole city disaster! The most spectacular disaster porn EVER! Did I mention how disasterific it is?!?

All movie trailers should be made like this.

[via Next Round]

5 replies on “2012: It’s a Disaster!”

wow…the year 2012 actually scares me a little from all the mayan predictions.
Maybe I should give this movie a skip :-P

Oh…and Prawn…I vote you quit your job and become a full time blogger :-D

That is a distant dream brother-man. It would be totally awesome if I could subsist on blogging alone but it’s not the case at the minute :-(