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This Is What An Adult Kiss Is Like?

Oh my. Those crazy Japanese never fail to impress. This clip is from an anime series called Kemonozume and shows the inner-workings of an “adult kiss”. It has a killer ending. Check it out.

[via Buzzfeed]

12 replies on “This Is What An Adult Kiss Is Like?”

Very strange and disturbing tongue action…
and as for adult kissing, all depends on the mood of the moment…
also… i don’t see many adults turning into a crazy monster and devouring our lover…

wel… maybe no in the sence the movie clip make out… and not the top half… :P

P.S. lovely graphics at the end of the chest cavity…

wow! didn’t see that coming…

well i’m sure the better half will be glad to hear i’ll never be tempted to kiss any japanese girl :-* :-D

Lol @ easy. What part of killer ending didn’t you get? :-P

Oh I should have mentioned that Kemonozume means “Beast Claw”. My bad.

ya, i’m a bit slow today… :shame:

probably not a good idea to have a large monday, still feeling the pain

If I had a rand for every time that happened to me…..but i wasn’t kissing her on the mouth.

I am starting to love these Japanese more and more everyday. They got some seriously strong chicken in their soups.

I would not put it past those young men to take a girl’s head clean off her body.

When my first boyfriend and I would kiss like that, I was sure he was trying to devour my face.

I’m just saying its not an irrational feeling to have.

That is totally what two of those worm alien things from ‘dreamcatcher’ having sex would look like!!

(Reminder below)


That’s crazy that the last first person shot is threw the eyes of the girl. She’s looking at her own body. They say one’s head functions on it’s own after decapitation for a moment.