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A New Blogger Joins The Team!

It’s a really great feeling when you, our readers, comment on our posts and interact with us. Ettienne, a 20-something student from Pretoria, has been subscribing to Onelargeprawn for quite a while and has decided that he’d like to write for us. We’ve decided that this is an excellent idea and the rest, as they say, is history.

The man behind, Ettienne is a bit of a geek and admits that his computer is more like an extension of his body than a device he uses, and binary code is closer to a language than simply a series of numbers. If Project: Epiphany is anything to go by, Ettienne’s blog entries will be a pleasure to read.

His favourite food is Sushi, he speedsolves Rubik’s cubes (serious), and his little toes don’t touch the ground. Hurrah! Welcome to the blog, Ettienne! :-D

6 replies on “A New Blogger Joins The Team!”

Thanks for welcoming the new guy Dazzy! Ett’s already been busy with two Ninty related posts.

Unfortunately I ruined that happy mood with my post on the Nagasaki bombing.

Thanks for the welcome guys! :rotfl: I hope you enjoy the posts I make. As mentioned, I’m a bit of a geek, so expect some geeky stuff, but it’ll all be very cool. I’m actually throwing a post together about scratch input now. My head almost exploded when I stumbled across it this afternoon.

Kishi: I’m not doing too much modding these days hey. I’m busy designing a new project, but I’m not modding full time like I used to :-)