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The Charleston Style / Daft Punk Medley

If you’re like me and suffer the Sunday blues, then this mashup might bring a little smile to your face. Two dancers, Al Minns and Leon James, demonstrate a popular 1920s dance, the Charleston, to the tune of Daft Punk’s hit “Around the world”. Check it out.

See the original clip after the jump.

Al Minns & Leon James from the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. Filmed in the 50s.

Al Minns and Leon James on the DuPont Show of the Week. Filmed in 1961 (when show hosts could happily smoke on TV).

[via BlackNotes]

5 replies on “The Charleston Style / Daft Punk Medley”

thats exactly the way i dance (or at least i did when i was young and handsome), and let me tell you… the woman loved it, at worst they found it entertaining.

its probably a good thing i don’t dance anymore ;-)

Lol Macross, these dudes are dead (I think).

I’m not too clued up on my dance history, but the Charleston may have given rise to what kids these days call “jumpstyle”, which I think looks pretty cool. Take a look at the Chelsea Dagger jumpstyle video. The original Chelsea Dagger video featured ladyeez in lingerie which as you can imagine, looks way cooler than people inanely bouncing about ;-)