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Holy Game Giveaway, Batman!

Receiving universal acclaim over at Metacritc, Batman: Arkham Asylum sees the dark knight trapped in the iconic psychiatric hospital by the Joker, who intends to throw a party with Batman as the guest of honour. With no option but to fight, Batman must use his gadgetry and ass-kicking abilities to battle Gotham’s worst villains, and ultimately unravel the Joker’s plan.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is expected to release in South Africa on September 9th and is priced from R604 ( If your funds are running low or you just don’t feel like paying for the game then I’ve got good news for you. Our buddies over at PS3Blog are running a super competition where you could stand a chance of winning Batman: Arkham Asylum for Playstation 3 AND The Dark Knight on Blu-ray.

The competition ends on September 7th and is only open to South African residents. See the full deets at PS3Blog.

5 replies on “Holy Game Giveaway, Batman!”

The GameTrailers reviewer reckons around 12 hours to clock it.

Though it’ll take you in the neighborhood of 12 hours to play through, Arkham Asylum feels like it’s over in a heartbeat. This is a testament to its magnificent pacing, and the care that went into making every moment feel important.

Guess it will be the same when i played The Force Unleashed. Stunning game, but done in a week with after work gameplay.
This game looks beautiful though.

It does look beautiful indeed – on both the 360 and PS3.

I hope there will be decent puzzle-solving elements in the game, something that was tragically missing from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Going from area to area clearing enemies gets old, fast.