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The Anatomical Art Of Fernando Vincente

Like Valerio Carrubba, Spanish artist Fernando Vincente also creates macabre illustrations, albeit from a more mechanical perspective.

In his Vanitas series, Vincente combines anatomy and portraiture to capture the classic beauty of his subjects. Have a look at some images below – click to embiggen.

In the Anatomías collection, he dissects the inner-workings of a human being to reveal the machinery hidden underneath. See these images after the jump.

Keep updated with Vincente’s fascinating work on his blog.

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6 replies on “The Anatomical Art Of Fernando Vincente”

somehow reminds me of they way degas depicted his subjects, yet has the style of some other artist, who’s name totally alludes me at the moment.

i do think its very interesting work, but something about makes me feel unsettled. suppose its to do with the way the woman are somehow lacking effeminacy… mmm now i’m talking a lot :poop: :D

So many….words. I must consult the dicktionary. Two things are likely to happen – either I’ll be back with a suitable reply or my head would have exploded. :bomb: