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When Anime Fansubs Go Wrong

A bowl of pain rice. One of my most fond memories of holidaying in Thailand was the less-than-perfect translations in restaurant menus. As we travelled further from Bangkok, the translation got worse (and funnier as a result). I thought of those moments when I came across this gem of awesomeness.

With its root in the early 80s, a fansub is a version of an anime program that has been subtitled by fans, for fellow fans who do not understand Japanese. Not all translators are equal, and sometimes, when the translations go wrong, the results can be very amusing to say the least.

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Loads more can be found at NO BUNS NO LIFE – part 1 and part 2.

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6 replies on “When Anime Fansubs Go Wrong”

either said translators have a very well tuned sense of humour, especially when westerners are involved, or westerners have incredibly skewed sense of humour.

‘i’ll now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish.’

to my mind that’s pretty filthy, but then again i have very a filthy mind.
pew pew! ;)

OMG IT’S SUZAKU!!!!! WHAT EPISODE IS THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have to see this situation. Moreover, I want to know what he’s gonna do with that fish in the next scene…. Maybe Lelouch will do it for him. X3 ‘Scuse me and my mind.
“Look to your right”
*looks left at you*
How I love anime. Zero No Tsukaima is awesome too.