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You Won’t Believe It’s Light Refractions

No CG shenanigans here. Research scientist and microscopist Alan Jaras creates the most beautifully vibrant images by sending beam of lights through a variety of transparent, textured materials and then photographing the refractions.

Here are the technical details from the man himself:

These are light refraction patterns or ‘caustics’ formed by a white light beam passing through shaped and textured transparent forms. The pattern is captured directly on to 35mm film by removing the camera lens and putting the transparent object(s) in its place. Colours are introduced by placing complex coloured optical filters directly in the light beam.

The processed film is digitally scanned for uploading. Please note these are not computer generated images but a true analogue of the way light is refracted by the objects I create.

Say what? The results speak themselves and you can find them after the jump.

The last one is titled “Mystical Light” and is my favourite. See more of Jaras’ awesome light photography on his Flick sets – Bending Light, Taming Light, and Twisting Light.

[via Design You Trust]

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