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Masking Tape Graffiti by Buff Diss

Buff Diss is a talented Australian street artist with an interesting, non-traditional style. Instead of spray cans, Diss does tape. Using mainly masking tape, Diss creates his pieces free-hand on the streets of Melbourne (and other Australia cities), and the decay of the tape wearing away over time is part of the appeal of the piece.

Have a look at some of this work after the jump.

See below for an interview Walrus TV had with the man himself.

Diss has also taken his art internationally – in September, his first European show called “God’s Left the Building” explored Christian iconography, and was held inside a church in Pisa, Italy.

See more of Buff Diss’ masking tape graffiti on Flickr.

[via Gugazine]

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lol! you can’t be a proper artist unless you starving… similar to all aspiring actors have to do a stint as waiters (waitrons?)