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“My Cars Showreel” is All Kinds of Awesome

I probably had you at “cars” right? In this stonking video by Pantural a Shelby Mustang, Chevloret Camaro, some sort of Jeep 4×4, and a VAZ-2107 unsuspectingly lining up for a race. Suddenly they become infected by a mysterious black ooze. And then a AH-64 Apache attack helicopter makes an appearance. And then I jizzed in my pants.

This video took him five days working time and 110 days rendering time! See more of Pantural’s outstanding 3D skills on YouTube.

[via The Awesomer]

3 replies on ““My Cars Showreel” is All Kinds of Awesome”

i love that vaz! i want one of them… the others are alright too ;)
five working days, i’m skeptical. with the occasional smoke break, it would take me at least 5 years just to wire mesh the jeep logo :D

btw, where can i find that black ooze? my car needs some of that stuff badly.

Dude, the VAZ is awesome sauce. I’d love one too.

My ride could do with a fix up as well. However, I was caught doing 84 in a 60 zone. In a frakkin’ VW Beetle.