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Competition Update: Boxhead High Scores

Note: This competition has ended.

We’re midway through our Boxhead/Modern Warfare 2 competition, and I thought it would be nice to update you on the standings. Crazy Monkey Games dropped me a mail with the high scores for the  “1lp_” users. The numbers are from yesterday, November 18th, around 2:00pm (SA time) – scores may have changed, but it’ll give you a rough idea of our leader-board.

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Top 3 Scores

  1. 1lp_squirrely 1 902 210 500
  2. 1lp_Stavey 1 394 780 900
  3. 1lp_Stavey 676 342 300

One part Terminator, one part Harry Houdini, 1lp_squirrley is the bad-ass currently in top spot with staggering score of 1 902 210 500! The other contender, 1lp_Stavey, is in striking distance. Clearly these two players know which end of the gun the bullets come out of.

If you want to take home a copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and a MW2-branded wallet, you just need to top our leader-board, and you have until midnight (SA time) on Sunday, November 22nd to do so. If you’re new to this competition, you can find the full details HERE. Good luck!