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Atari Arcade Brings New Life to Old Classics

I can just feel the joy of Atari fans going apoplectic. A pioneer in arcades games, Atari has recently revamped its website and added a new section with with a handful of their classic games for you to play (for free) in your web browser. And yes, they have included the beloved Asteroids and Lunar Lander. Along with each faithful recreation, a online leaderboard allows you to submit your scores.

The fun begins at Atari Arcade.

[via Destructoid]

Bonus: Another old favourite, Quake is also playable in your web browser.

12 replies on “Atari Arcade Brings New Life to Old Classics”

it was the first thing i tried, but all the ones i know of are blocked.
it’s no biggy… just royal pain in the cushion

lol… just as i’m moaning about websense, it goes down or it’s been disabled. free reign on the internet :D

thanks for the link, these will no doubt come in handy later

“it was working yesterday and now is blocked… and hidemyass is also blocked.
these guys work quick”

I would say they monitor DNS traffic and probably have an alert for “New URLs” if they ban sites as you find them.

If they are using the hosted solution from Websense you might be able to bypass it if you can change your local machine’s DNS settings to point to say opendns: &

Hehe, Interestingly enough, I blocked gambling and porn sites on my work network and got shat out by the CEO and other managers because they couldn’t place bets on games and view the filthy links their friends send them….