Some months, we went to a screen printing workshop and had a fantastic time. Since then I have been yearning to turn a room in our basement into a workshop. Trouble is, the room is filled to the brim with the crap that can’t fit in the house above it. Also, it’s inhabited by the bane of my existence – FLEAS. Tonnes of fleas. I hate them, in a “fuck off and die” kind of way.

Anyhoo (people still say anyhoo right?), if the workshop became a reality, I wondered what kinds of unoriginal, mindless content I would likely produce. I need guidance and inspiration, and who better to get that from than screen printing gurus Aesthetic Apparatus.

Formed by beer-loving designers Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski, Aesthetic Apparatus has been creating the most awesome hand-printed concert posters and art prints since 1999. But don’t just believe me – have a look at a small selection after the jump.

Dead Weather

Andrew Bird

The Night Marchers

Boston Spaceships

Kitchen Meat

Detroit Cobras

Nun Skull

The New Pornographers

Test Print #149

Test Print #206

In case you wondered how they do that, behold their genius in “How we do”.

Posters and prints start at USD 20.00; the test prints are one-of-a-kind, signed prints that go for USD 100.00. See more of their work at Aesthetic Apparatus. And follow them on Twitter.