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World AIDS Day 2009

I know I come across as a misanthrope because I am one, but I wouldn’t wish HIV or AIDS on my least favourite people (not going to mention names because I just don’t have the money to hire a good lawyer right now and the list would take up loads of space and you’d get bored and probably scared reading it). So peeps please practice safe sex on World AIDS Day and everyday – it’s really not that difficult. Oh and for those smart arses reading this, I know that HIV can be spread other ways, but unprotected sex is the most common way it’s transferred.

On a related note, Prawn and I were at the Ocean View police station last night – long story – and I was really pleased to see that they had loads of free condoms and femidoms prominently displayed right next to the front desk. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of a rather amusing visual pun created by the profilactics and the station’s notice board, check it … after the jump.

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my two cents:
before utilising any protection, get tested first!!! it doesn’t hurt all that much, but is infinitely less painful than learning you’ve infected others.
and don’t for a second believe that because you in a long term relationship you are immune from contracting this virus…

ocean view police station must’ve been fun… good thing you went on a quiet night ;-)

You are so right. In fact, HIV/AIDS is such a serious issue that I reckon there should be permanent and free testing centres in malls, train/bus stations and other high traffic areas. Surely it’s worth the funding?

An AIDS awareness idea I had was pitched to one of the agency I work for’s clients (a major retail chain with thousands of employees and millions of customers) and it got bombed because the client views AIDS as a negative and they don’t want to be associated with it. Nice.

that’s the thing about advertising, brand image trumps everything. clearly the association your client has with aids awareness is negative, but they don’t understand that while aids/hiv itself is negative, creating awareness is in fact incredibly positive, and would add perceived value to their brand. one of life’s oxymoron’s… common sense, in practice, is actually very rare.

what we need is for our leaders, both in business and politics, to provide their status, that would go a long way to help break down the stigma. unfortunately our ‘rock solid’ constitution protects the rights of people too much. so i doubt we will ever see mandatory testing, thus negating permanent testing stations. double edged sword.

That is the exact argument that I put forward – creating awareness is such an incredibly positive thing to do. Anyway their loss, and yes I too have found that common sense is a rare bird and very diluted in the general population rather like the whiskey in a whiskey and soda at Rafiki’s.

Can you just imagine if everyone in govt and big business disclosed their status? I reckon there’d be a few surprises for the population (I’m a dedicated cynic when it comes to fat cats).

femidoms? never seen one b4…
And those government issue condoms suck, i prefer buying my own.
Anyhoo, just thought i would write something. was a bit bored or all this work i have to do.

We were introduced to “the female condom” at varsity. I’ve never actually used one, but I can tell ya they don’t look very comfortable but I guess if men refuse to use condoms, women need to do everything they can to protect themselves.

Yeah I agree, condoms bought in a chemist or supermarket are better quality (and more fun :devil: ) than the govt issue condoms, but many people out there just can’t afford them, so it’s a great thing that there are free condoms available.

That is true, at least they are marketing the lower economic classes.
as for those female condoms, i am not quite sure how they will work… kind of like a big balloon or something inside the ****…
a condom holds on via elasticity, i don’t see that working too well in reverse for the female ones… but as you say, any protection is better than none.
What is your fav condom? seeing as you brought that up…