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Michael Bay For Victoria’s Secret

I think it’s safe to say director Michael Bay’s penchant for blowing stuff up is unmatched, although Roland Emmerich did give it a good try in the disaster porn, 2012. Now, it seems lingerie company Victoria’s Secret need a little more oomph to their advertising campaign and tasked Bay to come up with a commercial.

In “One Gift. A Thousand Fantasies.” Bay shows off all the things that has made him famous – explosions, helicopters, desert landscapes, and rock music. Oh, and there’s a bunch of leggy women in lingerie – I have no idea how they got there, but I think they did their own stunts. Have a look at it below or see it in HD goodness on YouTube.

Well, what was your favourite part? I’d have to say Marisa Miller on the pool table hit the spot, although I don’t think her shot was altogether legal, one leg does need to be grounded at all times.

[via GeekTyrant]

4 replies on “Michael Bay For Victoria’s Secret”

fast cars, big bikes, aeroplanes, explosions and some alright looking lasses in one video… definitely ‘one gift, a thousand fantasies’


We can all hope it’ll be turned into a movie. I’m thinking of a title – “Hot Girls Destroy Stuff” – what do you think? It’ll be shown in 3D.