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Continuity: An Awesome Tile-Sliding Platformer

I was on Twitter and picked up a vibe that @NickdeBruyne from LazyGamer may be getting bored, something that was realized when tweeted this: “OK, I’m really bored now.”

So I made it my goal this afternoon to keep him occupied, a task that didn’t prove too difficult. I suggest that Nick try Continuity, an awesome tile-sliding puzzle platformer from Ragtime Games, a bunch of university students from Gothenburg, Sweden. Here are Nick’s responses.

RT: @onelargeprawn: @NickdeBruyne Have you played Continuity? >> DAMMIT DUDE CUT IT OUT lolol

@onelargeprawn This game is quite freaking awesome though

@onelargeprawn OK seriously dude, screw you, now my afternoon is going to be wasted

Another satisfied customer. I feel good. And now it seems @JustPlainGeoff has gotten wind of it too.

RT: @NickdeBruyne: @onelargeprawn This game is quite freaking awesome though//Listen Prawn. F*ck you for screwing up my Friday productivity.

Oh and @andyroyal pipes in.

RT @NickdeBruyne: I think we can all agree that @onelargeprawn is the cock of the day <= I second that… DAMN YOU

Where I come from, we take things like “screw you” and “F*ck you” as signs of respect and gratitude, so you chaps are more than welcome ;-) If you’d like to find out what Nick, Geoff, and Andy are so engrossed in, head to

[via CreativeApplications.Net]

BONUS: If you’re on Twitter, you can also follow Ragtime Games and if you haven’t done so, follow us.

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Lol my bad, I thought they got paid in peanuts.

I can’t imagine why the staff wouldn’t want to involve the big boss in the fun. I think you should have a talk with them, and by talk I mean waterboarding ;-)