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The Young Turks

If you’re not catching The Young Turks vlogs, you’re missing out.

The Young Turks is a liberal radio and Internet talk show airing on Sirius Satellite Radio. The name is an allusion to the Young Turk reform movement in the late Ottoman Empire (and the general term, derived from this usage, referring to new progressive movements within older organizations), playing on host Cenk Uygur’s Turkish origins. The Young Turks claims to be the first Internet TV news show. Video of the show is streamed daily on their website and available as a podcast. The show offers exclusive, Internet-only video content via their YouTube channel. The Young Turks offers a paid members-only Postgame Show, an uncensored, Internet-only wrap-up show.

I have to get my daily dose of this show and really enjoy the no BS approach to topics ranging from politics, celeb news, and general crazy occurences in America like this one. A pair of lesbian teachers, from Brooklyn, get caught by the janitor while making out naked in a classroom during assembly. You can’t make stuff like this up.