Maths can be extremely difficult at times, but not in this instance. What happens when you take the classic platformer Super Mario Bros and add the block-dropping puzzler Tetris to it? Simple – you get Tuper Tario Tros.

In Tuper Tario Tros, world 1-1 starts off as one would expect, but soon Mario comes across obstacles that seem insurmountable. What to do then? Summon the powers of Tetris and build a path that Mario can safely traverse. Use the arrow keys to move, X to jump, and the Space bar to switch between Mario mode and Tetris mode.

Play Tuper Tario Tros at Newgrounds and let us know how you got along. I didn’t do that well, I’m dodgier than that cheesy pick-up line “You plus me, subtract our clothes, divide your legs; multiply.”

[via Kotaku]