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AdFreak’s Creepiest Commercials of 2009

…and the majority of them are PSAs. Because the easiest way to get through to people is to scare them into submission.

Adfreak reviews the year in advertising and compiles a list of the 30 most bizarre and creepy ads they have come across. The majority of the ads don’t push any products, but attempt to terrify one into thinking/caring about topics that they may not necessarily be bothered about. There are a couple of these rather freakish ads after the jump.

Ancilla Tilla Strips

In this PSA from the Netherlands, Playboy Playmate Ancilla Tilia’s striptease is rudely interrupted by a fisherman whose idea of stripping is entirely different.


In this spot for Dentyne gum, a Thai man has been “eating elsewhere” and his wife is suspicious. Nothing reassures a spouse more than fresh, minty breath.


This Canadian PSA is about Parkinson’s disease. When you fight against yourself, you lose.


Keira Knightley is in an abusive relationship and this PSA serves to raise more awareness of domestic violence.

Polar Bears

In this PSA from the United Kingdom, it’s raining polar bears. This is not a good thing.

See the full list of creepiest commercials at AdFreak.

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9 replies on “AdFreak’s Creepiest Commercials of 2009”

why do PSA’s always go over the top? they take a serious issue and embellish it o the point were it ceases to be believable…

we all know that if kiera got slapped her head would come clean off. there is no way her tooth pick neck could not withstand the force of a sneeze!!

Oooh burn. I am yet to meet anyone who liked Keira Knightley.

Sometimes over-the-topness is a pre-requisite for people to sit up and take notice, but yes I agree with you. The texting and driving PSA is enough to give someone PTSD. I want to be educated about an issue, not watch a horror film.

lol… i don’t know what it is about her that grates me. ever since bend it like beckman she’s harassed some of my movie viewing.

i totally agree with you, it’s supposed to be educational, otherwise the shock factor wears off too quickly.

:o she’s an actress too!

:P I do prefer to make my own judgments on characters even if I’m blinded by lust, I have opinions of my own that do not match up to critics I just know what I enjoy and I don’t need someone else to tell me otherwise

I see your point. If I were blinded by lust, I’d have to go with the lowest common denominator, Megan Fox. Her toe thumbs are a tad unsightly though.