Google Nexus One

Ok I for one love my iPhone. You can keep your Blackberries, Palm Pre’s and Motorola Droids,  iPhone is the winner. And then this happens. The Nexus One from Google of all people.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it’s reported to be the iPhone killer. With a faster processor, better camera, better OS, better everything.  Except for two things. The price and it will not be available in South Africa. This is the worst news in my opinion and makes no sense. The iPhone made it to our shores, why not this? I guess it will be a matter of time till techies jailbreak this as well and make it available for all us third worlders.

Here’s some info on how it stacks up (click image to enlarge).

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Don’t know about you but I like the look, the fact that it’s faster, and the screen quality is high. The iPhone needs some sort of genuine competition so let’s just hope that Vodafone manages to broker a deal and bring it to South Africa.

[image credit: Billshrink | Engadget]

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nexus is such a pants name… not that iphone is any better.

apart from the name, i’m quiet keen see what it’s all about. as far as i am concerned, no phone beats the iphone atm in terms of usability and touch responsivity. so hopefully the nexus will deliver.

From what i saw this morning, the OS and screen are much better than the iPhone. But try and catch BBC Click on Saturday morning (08h30), they’ll definitely have more of a look at it. It has a 1Ghz processor, that’s good.

i can’t stand Click! they all a bunch of bell-ends who explain naught about products/services yet always push hard on opinions. i expect more from the mighty beeb.

sadly though, i will be watching it… i’m crap at boycotting :(

According to that comparison graphic, an unlocked Nexus One is going to cost USD 529.00 (roughly R3,880). I haven’t kept up with iPhone prices of late but last I recall the 3GS was hovering at R9000.

Given its capabilities, the Nexus is good value at that price, no? Or am I missing something?

According to the news report this morning, they did say that the RRP is higher than the iPhone. But yes from the chart, it is cheaper. I just dont see it being cheaper as they will not be able to keep up with demand.

According to the Nexus website &, not available in South Africa. The thing is with VC having exclusive rights to Apple’s iphone, I dont see them offering it. That leaves MTN as Cell C does not have the financial clout to carry it. I don’t see MTN carrying it either.

Just to back up what Macross said, Radio 702’s Aki Anastasiou talked to Leaf, distributors of all things HTC.

Leaf also says there will be no Google Nexus Phone for SA but will release “similar model” locally in March. I wonder what it will be?

i currently use a nokia e90 and i have not ventured to the iphone as yet. but i am keen on the Nexus One. i am on cell-c and i am really hoping they could come to some favourable arrangement with google in the near future. what are the chances?

I’ll say this, with Cell C venturing into the 3G market come June, smartphones will be on the list. I know for certain Blackberry will be avail on Cell C. But even if Nexus isn’t, you can still use it to its full potential on Cell C.