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Flying 101: Kulula’s Livery is Factual, Quite Funny

I got this in an e-mail today, and it thankfully broke the boring monotony that was creating a PowerPoint presentation (I pity the fool who has to sit through this one).

Local airline Kulula has always stood out from the crowd from their odd choice of colour, to their jetsetter ads, and the comical safety demos on the flights. This sense of humour has found its way onto livery that has been applied to their fleet of Boeing 737s.

The airplanes are covered with the Flying 101 livery that shows interesting details about the plane, such as the captain’s window which is marked as the big cheese, the fuel tanks (the go-go juice), to the loo (or mile-high club initiation chamber), and the black box (which is actually orange).

Have a look at some images after the jump.

Click the images to see them bigger – they may take some time to load.

[thanks Karolyn]

15 replies on “Flying 101: Kulula’s Livery is Factual, Quite Funny”

i can’t see where they put the PRICE COLLUSION decal?

probably explains how they can afford to do a stunt like this.
am i sounding a slightly bitter? ;-)

I must say that although I find kulula’s advertising amusing, I was anything but amused by their service the few times I flew with them. I guess they spend all their dosh on advertising and don’t have any left over to pay for decent ground staff, mechanics or pilots? :devil:

Surely the opposite “front door” is the one to be labeled? Pretty rare to use the starboard side doors.

Plsu, the windows they’ve labeled have pretty rubbish views compared to most of the windows on the plane…

What was the source of these images? There are a number of people on Boing Boing, including myself, who strongly suspect that the images are faked.

William, I got the images via email, and considering how humourous Kulula has been with their advertising here, I assumed they were legit.

I did ask Kulula on Twitter and they say it’s real.

@onelargeprawn 100% it will be flying in SA within the next couple of weeks (just after we’ve done a moon landing with it) yup its real

Additionally, it seems Chris Rawlinson knows the Kulula marketing director and it’s been confirmed as real.

I love it. But why on the port side is there a south african registration (ZS-ZWP), whilst on starboard it’s a Czech registration (OK-PIC)? I smell deception in the air :-)

its a temporary registration as the plane came from the czech republic. i assume the decals were applied there.

remember, south african companies can and do commission business abroad, from time to time ;)

You’re absolutely right Mr Easy! The pix are even on Kulula’s own web site. Thanks for this!