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Cute of the Day: Panya, Chii, and a Pygmy Jerboa

The day started off as it usually does – cigarette, coffee, internet, work internet, ciggie, internet, ciggie, casual insult, ciggie, internet, internet. And for some reason, I am inexplicably drawn to cute content today. First there were the photos of Panya, the newest addition to our family of pets. She’s about 6 weeks old, and such a sweetie pie, except when she decides to nom on our ears during the middle of the night.

Then there was Chii, the shiba inu that puts on the biggest smile whenever her master is nearby. It’s adorable.

And now, the pygmy jerboa. According to Wikipedia, jerboas are hopping desert rodents with long tufted tails, very long hind legs, and quite possibly the cutest things in the world.

If you found any cute stuff today, be sure to send it to along to us.

[via Urlesque]

5 replies on “Cute of the Day: Panya, Chii, and a Pygmy Jerboa”

congrats on the new addition to your family! wish i had a garden so i could expand my family beyond just pot plants and a grumpy goldfish.

that pygmy jerboa confuses me… it’s almost what you would expect a wookie sperm to look like, but still likeable :eek:

Thanks! Panya, which I am told means “mouse” in Egyptian, has really made herself at home. On the very first day, she pissed on the couch, the lounge carpet, the carpet in the bedroom, and on our bed.

Oh, don’t know if I mentioned it, but we got our first puppy, Mina, back in November ’09. So that makes three cats and two dogs, our small garden serves only as a place where they can all take a dump.

there certainly is a lot of envy, especially from my better half. she keeps trying to convince me that it will be fine to have a couple kitties and a pooch in the flat… even though we on the 3rd floor!

that obviously is not going to work, so my ‘chore’ (an ongoing one at that) for the year is to work harder and buy her a house… gone are the days when just a bunch of flowers made the ladies happy ;)

That’s an expensive chore indeed, all the best with that. My missus would get instantly suspicious if I arrived home with flowers. And she says ways of making me talk…

Is it just me or does that pygmy jerboa look like he’s capable of bringing about the end of days? :P