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Mui-Ling Teh’s Ever So Tiny Origami

I haven’t met Mui-Ling Teh, but I can assume she has the most dexterous fingers.

The 23-year old Canadian artist has always been a fan of paper craft and in 2008, she began creating origami on a truly miniature scale. She folds the 15×15mm paper with her fingers and only uses tweezers for the last few folds. Her paper art is millimeters in size and usually captured with a hand-held camera in super macro mode, or shot through a magnifying glass. Her smallest work to date is a crane folded from a 3×3mm piece of trace paper.

Have a look at some of her incredible miniature origami after the jump.

Born from the Hand

3cm Family Swim

Arctic Playground


Born from a Cell – folded from a 3×3mm piece of trace paper

Click here for an interview with the artist and see more of her microscropic origami on her portfolio.

[via Illusion 360]