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The Darksiders Competition Winners

Our Darksiders competition has finally come to an end. In case you missed the action, we started off the competition asking people to toss a turtle as far as they could. Many productive work hours were lost in the process, and in the short space of two days, some of the entrants had klapped the game so hard that they surpassed the theoretical maximum score! So an update to the competition was required, and we went into a sudden death round, where a score over 10 million guaranteed the entrant a place in the next round.

Six persistent entrants made it into the sudden death round and we asked them to play one of my favourite indie games from last year, Adam Atomic’s Canabalt. They had 24 hours to submit their scores. That time has expired and we have now arrived at the official winners announcement. Find it after the jump.

A big thanks to all our entrants for your patience and your efforts. Congratulations to our two winners who walk away with a copy of Darksiders and a branded t-shirt:

Playstation 3: Donald Archer

Xbox 360: Pieter Lindeque

Please check your e-mail shortly, we just need to confirm some details with you and then we’ll have your prizes sent to you. Hard luck to the other entrants, but we’ll be having more competitions soon, perhaps something a little less nerve-wracking methinks ;-)

A massive shout out goes to SterKinekor for providing the competition prizes.

7 replies on “The Darksiders Competition Winners”

Thank you VERY MUCH!
(i think i need a new x button on my keyboard…)
one you get a hang of it, it isn’t that hard, i just hated jumping through windows.
and the toss the turtle game was fun.

Well done Azraelz! You’ve scored a fantastic game in Darksiders, I’m sure you’ll have a great time playing it. We’ll try to get it to you as soon as we can.

thanks. was a very tight competition.
i thought i didn’t make it, and the ither people kept beeting my score every time i posted. :) so congrats to them!

Huge thanks to and Sterkinekor for giving us all the opportunity to partake in this competition. I had alot of fun and the competition was tense!

Cheers guys.