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The World of 100

A designer/illustrator by the name of Tony Ng started off with a interesting question, “If the world were a village of 100 people, how would the composition be?” and using statistics from around the world created an awesome set of 20 posters to classify the people in that village by race, age, sex, and a host of criteria.

Entitled The World of 100, the set of posters are design with simplicity in mind but Ng’s clever use of graphics really brings the point home. See some of them after the jump.

See the full set of posters at Toby Ng Design.

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5 replies on “The World of 100”

this is somewhat of a paradox.

at face value it seems informative, but when you try put it into a global context it loses all relevance and/or perspective.

for instance the food infogram, 1% of the world’s population dying from starvation seems relatively small, but in actual numbers, that equates to +-65 million people. more than the population of south africa. which in my mind, sounds exponentially bigger than 1%.

I didn’t have time to check on this, but I googled it now and from the global perspective, the figures for the food diagram do seem off as you say. According to World Hunger Notes, about one billion people are undernourished (is that the same as starving?) and from a population of 6.8 billion, that would make it 14%.

to be fair, it’s almost impossible consistent and accurate stats off the net
I find there’s loads of contradictory info out there :)