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Japan – The Strange Country

I don’t think we need to tell anyone that the Japanese can be a little odd. Of all the places in the far east I’d like to visit, Japan certainly ranks high up there. The kooky, off-the-wall antics of our slitty-eyed friends just appeals to me. To quote Tracy Morgan from Cop Out, I love you like the fat kid loves cake!

So we’re fans of Japan and of infographics so when I spotted this I was compelled to post it. A 23-year old Japanese artist by the name of Kenichi created an infographic video for his thesis project in which he took at a look at the country, its people and their culture, not through his own eyes but if it were from a foreigner’s point of view. It’s informative and beautifully designed. Have a look at Japan – The Strange Country below.

See more of Kenichi’s work on his website,

[via Design You Trust]

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