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Miroslaw Swietek & His Dew-Covered Insects

I’m not that great at macro photography, but of the ones I have taken with my aging Canon G6, I’m very keen on this one – the gold beetle. Amateur photographer Mirosław Świętek is anything but amateur when it comes to snapping close-up shots.

Between the wee hours of 3am and 4am, Mirosław takes a trip to the forest near his village of Jaroszow, Poland, and photographs slumbering insects covered in the early morning dew. Whilst the insects are in a state of torpor, which is insect’s equivalent of sleep, he using a torch to seek them out and then sets up his camera and flash right next to them. The results are nothing less than spectacular. See a selection of our favourites after the jump.

See more of Mirosław’s amazing shots on his profile.

[via Daily Mail]